first_imgStay on target Simon Belmont, King K. Rool, and Dead Luigi Join Smash Bros. UltimateAn Interview with Jump Force Producer Koji Nakajima Sony finished their E3 2018 press event by showing an extended look at the eagerly anticipated Spider-Man. We got to see more of the game’s core mechanics along with some story elements. As with other previews, this latest video only makes the wait harder to bare. Thankfully, Sony gave journalists at the event a chance to finally play the game, including yours truly. Though I only spent ten minutes with it, I can safely say the hype for Spider-Man is real. Sony and Insomniac Games are set to release a proverbial monster this fall.The demo began with a standard tutorial segment, which is cleverly interwoven into the gameplay. Pressing R2 makes Spider-Man swing, while pressing X makes him shoot forward quickly. The swinging mechanics are easy and intuitive. In just a few short minutes, I all but mastered traversal. I swung around the city, ran on the sides of buildings, and jumped as far as I could. Like Spider-Man 2 on PS2, simply traveling across the city as The Wall-Crawler is its own reward.It didn’t take long for Spider-Man to run into a group of bad guys that needed thwarting. Combat is surprisingly deep. Not only can Spidey attack with kicks and punches, he can also use his webs to incapacitate foes or to grab objects in the environment to use as weapons. Spidey can even unleash devastating special attacks. Truth be told, I was somewhat overwhelmed by how many options there are during combat. I know mastering the fighting mechanics means getting the most out of enemy encounters.Spider-Man’s rendition of New York City is exceptionally put together. The lighting effects help bring the metropolis to life, helping you see every little nuance. Despite how richly detailed everything is, the game contains a distinct art style that helps it stand apart from other action adventure titles. It isn’t graphically on par with the likes of God of War or Detroit: Become Human, but it’s still a looker. Trust me, this is a title you’ll use to show off your 4K TV.The demo I played wasn’t finished and I hit a bug while playing. This prevented me from completing the main mission where I needed to fight one of Spider-Man’s famous villains. Since I couldn’t progress the story, I chose to do a side quest where I had to discover who is tampering with the ventilation system of random buildings. These missions involve solving a simple puzzle, which I found interesting. The final version will no doubt contain a great deal of side quests, challenges, collectibles, and more.In another side quest, I needed to take out a dangerous gang. Each wave of foes was harder than the last. These sort of missions are great for keeping one’s skills sharpened. The final wave had enemies carrying rocket launchers, which is something I wasn’t expecting. Thanks to modern-day games, I wondered if there are missions I could not complete until I progressed and became stronger. I was told this isn’t the case. All one needs to complete any quest is a good understanding of Spidey’s skills. This is refreshing in an age where games stop your progress if you are under-leveled. Don’t expect that in Spider-Man.My time with Spider-Man was brief, but it’s clear Insomniac Games is going to deliver the goods. To be honest, I had some minor worries about the game. After all, for every good Spider-Man title there are 20 that are complete garbage. I do not see Insomniac’s Spider-Man falling into that category. After playing the demo, I want summer to end as soon as possible so I can play the full game. If ten minutes left such an impression on me, I can only imagine how amazing and spectacular the final product will be. Don’t sleep on this one, gang!Spider-Man releases exclusively on PS4 on September 7, 2018.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more