first_imgWeather permitting, tonight may be a good night to take the family outdoors to witness the return of the “Supermoon.” Tonight’s full moon will appear to be 14% larger and 30% brighter than the average monthly occurrence, it will make for prime viewing of our rocky satellite as it will be on its closest approach of the year.Known officially as a “perigee” full moon, the heavenly body will be just 221,802 miles away, presenting a unique opportunity to study its surface with the naked eye. Check out the video above from NASA explaining the phenomenon.The best thing about tonight’s Supermoon is that you won’t need anything except a clear night (keep those fingers crossed), a lawn chair and a bit of coffee to witness the lunar event. Unlike other nighttime eyecandy that seem to always take place at 2 AM, tonight’s event will take place starting at 11:34 PM EST. This is when the full moon will take place, with the rocky satellite reaching its perigee just one minute later at 11:35 PM EST. This is extraordinary timing as the last time the Earth witnessed a Supermoon, March 19th of last year, it took 50 minutes after the full moon appeared for it to reach its perigee. Talk about convenient star-gazing!Now, to alleviate any fears of natural disasters caused by the proximity of the moon due to any rumors you might have heard, this event is not going to cause any kind of flooding or world-ending apocalypse. Yes it’s true that high-tide will be an inch higher than normal, but that isn’t enough to overwhelm coastal locations. So rest easy, and sit back and enjoy this rare lunar event knowing that the world isn’t going to end tonight.While the moon will only linger at its perigee location for a few minutes, it will still remain large and bright for several hours. So if you miss the exact time mentioned above, you can still get to enjoy the sight as long as the weather is cooperating in your area.last_img read more