first_imgEvery once in awhile there’s an overwhelming urge to download a video from YouTube. Maybe you wanted to make yourself a hilarious gif, or maybe you wanted to grab the video to watch while you are on a plane. Whatever the reason, you have to be careful how you go about downloading your YouTube videos. To help, we put together this quick tutorial.There are easy ways to grab a video from YouTube, and there are slightly more complicated ways to grab a video from YouTube. It’s important to pay attention to the technology used to grab the video, before choosing to use it. A lot of the more common quick tools used to download YouTube videos require Java, which means having Java installed on your system. Java is notoriously bad to have on your computer, especially if you’re not using it and don’t keep it updates. Java exploits are a dime a dozen, so be careful what you use. For this demonstration, we’re going to use File2HD.The first thing you will need is the YouTube link for the video you want to download. Head to that video in your browser, and copy the entire link from the URL bar. Head to from a separate browser tab, keeping the YouTube video page open. There you can review the Terms of Service and do the same for YouTube and the videos you are interested in storing.File2HD is a very simple website, with only one place for you to paste your URL. Click the blank box labeled URL, paste your link, and agree to the Terms of Service for File2HD. This service will allow you to download any component of any webpage, but for the purposes of this tutorial we only want the video files. Click the Movies radio button and click Get Files.The page will refresh, and you’ll have several options available to you. YouTube provides videos in a variety of quality formats, and what you are looking at here is all of the formats available for this video. Each file is labeled according to quality, so choose which version you want and the download will start immediately. Once the file is on your hard drive, you can close both browser tabs and locate your newly downloaded file.last_img read more