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Missing journalist was tortured while held by military intelligence for four months

first_img Receive email alerts RSF_en October 27, 2006 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Missing journalist was tortured while held by military intelligence for four months Reporters Without Borders today said it was relieved by the release of Pakistani journalist Mehruddin Marri but “outraged by the torture inflicted on him by the army during his detention.” Marri had been missing since his abduction on 27 June in the southern province of Sindh.“These methods seem to have become the army’s preferred tool for scaring journalists suspected of links with the Baluch movement,” the press freedom organisation said, calling for a thorough investigation into the kidnapping.Marri, who works for the Sindhi-language daily Kawish, was able to return home after being released by military intelligence officers on 24 October. In an interview for the BBC World Service’s Urdu-language service, he said he was arrested by police in Thatta and then handed over to the army. Thereafter, he was taken to an unidentified location and interrogated by military personnel, above all about his family ties with Baluch leaders.“I was beaten and given electric shocks, and I fainted,” he said. “Then they prevented me from sleeping for three nights. I had to stand up in the middle of a room and when I fell down, someone would come in and wake me.” The military tried to make him confess to links with the Baluch nationalist movement. Before being released, a military officer told him: “Never oppose the state and the secret services.”Munir Mengal, one of the founders of the Baluchi-language TV station Baloch Voice, is still missing since being kidnapped on 7 April.—————-12 July 2006Journalist missing in Sindh province after being summoned to police stationReporters Without Borders voiced concern today about the fate of Pakistani journalist Mehruddin Marri, who was reported missing on 27 June in the southern province of Sindh. Several local sources said the intelligence services could be responsible for his disappearance.“This case is one of a series of very disturbing kidnappings of journalists in Pakistan,” the press freedom organisation said. “We call on the authorities to do everything possible to find Marri as quickly as possible in order to dispel any suspicions about the possible role of the police in his abduction.”Marri, who works for the Sindhi-language daily Kawish, went to a police station in Thatta on 27 June in response to a summons. His family claims he was kidnapped by the police as he was returning from the police station. The police deny playing any part in his disappearance.The president and secretary-general of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists fear Marri was abducted by the intelligence services and have urged the authorities to use legal means to prosecute him if they think he has broken any law.Marri is the fifth journalist to be kidnapped in Pakistan since last December. Hayatullah Khan was found dead six months after he was abducted. Mukesh Rupeta and Sanjay Kumer were held illegally by the Pakistani intelligence services for more than three months. Munir Mengal has been missing since 7 April. January 28, 2021 Find out more Newspaper journalist Mehruddin Mari was freed on 24 October after being held by military intelligence officers for four months, during which time he was beaten and administered electric shocks. Reporters Without Borders is outraged by the army’s methods. News June 2, 2021 Find out more Organisation News April 21, 2021 Find out more Help by sharing this information News Pakistani TV anchor censored after denouncing violence against journalists PakistanAsia – Pacific News to go further Pakistani journalist critical of the military wounded by gunfire Follow the news on Pakistan Pakistani supreme court acquits main suspect in Daniel Pearl murder PakistanAsia – Pacific last_img read more

Not just bread & milk

first_imgBy Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaWhen a storm is headed in their direction, shoppers always rushto stock up on milk and bread. University of Georgia experts sayhaving a supply of staple emergency food items is actually moreimportant.”In preparation for bad weather of any kind, every family shouldhave at least a three-day emergency food supply on hand,” saidElizabeth Andress, an Extension Service food safety specialistwith the UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences. Pack enough for each family memberSupply enough fluids (milk, juice, water, etc.) so each familymember can have at least 2 quarts per day.Include staple foods such as sugar, salt and pepper, too, andhigh-energy foods like peanut butter, jelly, crackers, granolabars and trail mix.”Don’t forget to throw in some comfort foods, too, like cookies,hard candy, sweetened cereals and instant coffee and tea,”Andress said.If you usually use them, include vitamin and mineral supplementsto assure proper nutrition. Added peace of mindJust knowing you have an emergency food supply, she said, easesthe stress of emergencies and natural disasters.”Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado or snow storm, a naturaldisaster could prevent you from running to the grocery store topick up supplies for your family,” Andress said.The size of your emergency food supply depends on the size ofyour family and home storage area. Remember, stock onlynonperishable foods. You never know when you may lose electricalpower.”Select foods that require no refrigeration, little or no cookingand little or no water,” Andress said. “Chances are, if you’re inan emergency situation, you aren’t going to have the luxuries ofelectricity and running water.”Stock your food supply with ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits andvegetables. Remember to buy containers you can use up in one mealor snack. You most likely won’t be able to refrigerate leftovers.Add canned juices, soups and canned or powdered milk. Includebottled water for drinking and extra water to mix with thepowdered milk and dilute the soups.center_img Remember pets, tooWhen stocking your emergency supply, keep in mind any specialneeds in your family. Have you included special foods for infantsor elderly family members?Don’t forget your family pets, either. Be sure to include Fido’sor Morris’ food, treats and enough water for them, too.Don’t forget to include a hand-operated can opener, scissors andknife for opening food cans and foil or plastic pouches. The lastitems in your supply should be disposable plates, cups andutensils.”Once you have your food supply together, make a list of dateswhen food items need to be inspected and possibly rotated out.Then replace them with newly bought items,” Andress said. “Cannedfoods can last two years. But for best quality, use them withinone year.”Powdered milk may be stored 12 to 24 months. Use most of theother foods in your emergency supply within one year, or rotatethem out. Over time, replace any rusty, leaky, dented or bulgingfood cans.Once your emergency food supply is intact, store it in a coolplace. Store dry supplies off the floor in a clean, dry, darkplace away from any sources of moisture.last_img read more

New school has land in demand

first_imgNaree Griffey New Home Sales Consultant from G J Gardner Homes and Dave Lamari, North Shore resident at the new land release. Story is about how the school being built is driving demand for land so please get the school in the background.NORTH Shore has released more land with demand for new homes in the masterplanned community being fuelled by the under-construction North Shore State School.The new land release will cater to buyers wanting to be in the catchment area of the new school, which is due to open next year.The La Glorie land release backs on to the school and has blocks ranging from 455sq m to 665sq m.It will also be near a new shopping village to be named The Junction and regional Super Park.North Shore project director Andrew Astorquia said there had been an increase in inquiry for land close to the school since construction of the $40 million facility began in early 2017.More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020“It is mostly young families that choose to live at North Shore and the school has been eagerly anticipated by everyone living in this area,” he said.“The La Glorie land release will have the best North Shore has to offer, with shops, schools and even a super park all within walking distance. We expect this (land) release to be highly sought after.”Land in La Glorie starts from $149,500.GJ Gardner Homes sales consultant Naree Griffey said they had received plenty of inquiries from people wanting to build homes in La Glorie since construction started on the new school.“Families are wanting to be near the school and also all the parkland that’s out there,” he said.“We’re getting a lot of young couples either planning on a family or already having children.”For more information visit the North Shore Sales and Information Centre at 126 Sunhaven Boulevard, North Shore, or go to stockland.com.au/northshore.last_img read more

Nick Kyrgios 8 week ban and fine

first_imgHe’s been fined an additional £20,000 – having also sworn on court and he argued with fans. Australia says Nick Kyrgios will seek help from a sports psychologist – after the ATP gave him an eight-week ban for his behaviour at the Shanghai Masters.It’ll be reduced to three weeks if he gets professional advice.Kyrgios appeared to stop trying in his defeat to Mischa Zverev last week – at one stage producing a weak serve and walking off.last_img

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