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Education Ministry hosts Annual Festival of Choirs

first_img…aim to promote more singing in GuyanaThe Education Ministry hosted its annual Festival of Choirs which saw the Bishops High School, South Ruimveldt Secondary School and Supply Primary School emerge as winners in their respective categories at the National Cultural Centre.The competition saw the participation of several schools from five administrative regions and Georgetown.The winning school in the Primary category sang “Song of Hope” while in the Secondary and solo categories, the schools performed “Let us Co-operate” and “My Guyana Eldorado” respectively.Coming in at second position in the Primary Category was Mahaicony Primary while Berbice Secondary copped the second spot in the Secondary category and Novar Primary and St. Roses High scooped up the third position in their respectiveWinners of the Choir festivalcategories.Acting Administrator of the Unit of Allied Arts, Lorraine Barker-King explained that the aim of the festival is to be able to reach children from all 11 educational districts and also to expose them to music.“Studies would have shown that children who are involved in music actively preform exceedingly well in their academic subjects because of the discipline and all the benefits that music attracts”.Nevertheless Barker-King underscored that the Ministry is looking for a larger audience and more participations from schools across the nation as plans are afoot for the hosting of Choir festival 2019.“Next year we will raise the bar, we will be taking it higher in terms of better music selection and so on that is why we are encouraging more schools to take part in this festival”.Further she noted that the Ministry was already placing focus on the children’s Mashramani competition since like music, it plays an integral role in the social upbringing of children.The competition involved a combined choir presentation, where students from primary and secondary schools in their region or district came together to form a choir.Each choir was required to perform a national song and a song of its own choice.last_img read more

Modeling Solar Cells on Butterflies

first_imgSunlight is free – if we could just learn how to use it better.  For decades, engineers have been trying to improve the efficiency of solar cells.  Why not look at nature?  Science Daily reported on work going on in China and Japan: “The discovery that butterfly wings have scales that act as tiny solar collectors has led scientists in China and Japan to design a more efficient solar cell that could be used for powering homes, businesses, and other applications in the future.”    Artificial solar cells struggle to attain 10% efficiency.  The scientists are finding that butterfly wings not only collect light more efficiently, they are easier to work with.  The fabrication process is simpler and faster than other methods, and could be used to manufacture other commercially valuable devices, the researchers say.Don’t let Charlie take credit for these kinds of stories.  Biomimetics has intelligent-design science written all over it.    For a feast of biomimetic wonders, see “The 15 Coolest Cases of Biomimicry” at BrainZ.org.  Many of these examples have been reported in our pages.(Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

The Dosenfischer — The final curtain

first_imgThe Dosenfischer have been an integral part of the German geocaching community for 10 years, with fans all over Europe. Over the years their podcast and geocaching-themed songs have been the delight of many geocachers. But all good things must come to an end. On August 26 2017 aba, sandmann, Stotco, DimiB, and Seasack played their last gig at the MEGA Switzerland – Meeting Friends 2017.Geocaching HQ had the opportunity to talk with the band after the concert.HQ: Rumor has it that there are still a few cachers out there that have never heard of you. Could you introduce yourselves and tell us why you decided to form the Dosenfischer?aba:We are the Dosenfischer, five guys hailing from Hamburg and Schwerin who made music for the fun of it, and who wrote songs about geocaching.The question about how the band came to be is quite specific, and also telling for who we are. It just happened, there was no plan or strategy. It started when sandmann and I discovered geocaching as a hobby. At some point there was a microphone at hand after we finished a day of caching, and we just started to talk about what was on our mind. That was the birth of our podcast.After quite a few episodes I was not able to attend an episode podcast. Since sandmann did not want to skip an episode, so he just recorded a song. The was the beginning of us singing about geocaching.After we lost a bet about how many Will Attend logs the first project-event “Project Game” would get, we went on stage with Herr stotco for the first time. “Project GeoGames” in Leipzig was the first time the band played with their full line up, including DimiB and Seasack.sandmann:Music with German lyrics was always part of my life, and after the first few caches we found and the first few hours we spent reading forums and log entries, we quickly realized that we were looking at a whole new universe — a universe of human interaction, lots of rules (written and unwritten ones), and full of amazing human beings whose stories we wanted to tell. Not in a literal way, like in a log, but in a humorous, rhyming, and exaggerated way, and most important: having fun doing so.HQ: What were your most memorable moments, both as a cacher and as a band?aba:I still remember finding my first caches using a Palm handheld with an external bluetooth GPS module. Of course I fondly remember many spectacular and (in my opinion) legendary caches like the Chain-Reaction-Trilogie, Betonschiff Redentin, Limestone, [email protected] and the Beelitz-Heilstätten. But the most enjoyable thing for me was always meeting other cachers – either in smaller groups while geocaching, at events, and, of course, at concerts. Many people became really close and are very dear to us. In some cases it goes way beyond being acquaintances or fans.Almost every concert was memorable for me as a member of the band. As a father of course the ones where my oldest daughter joined us on stage. (laughs)sandmann:As a cacher I did things that I never thought I was brave enough to try. Searching for caches out in the woods for eight hours straight — pushing the envelope. The trip to a stranded ship made out of concrete was, like aba mentioned, a memorable experience. I even climbed ropes, and I am a very unathletic person, and I discovered my limits. Many extraordinary experiences, and most of the time shared with awesome people. That is my definition of geocaching.Like aba, I also have a family related special moment that I will always associate with our concerts: me and my daughter side by side on stage, singing in front of 3,000 people at the Projekt Eck in Koblenz. And let’s be honest: being on a tour with the band, playing concerts, is something every amateur musician is dreaming of. And thanks to the many promoters all over Germany we were able to realize that dream.HQ: Your songs cover a variety of geocaching related topics. Do you have a favorite?aba:I think it varies and is a matter of taste. I really like the more ballardesque songs, especially “Pickup-Truck” and “Tage wie ein Schneemann”. But I also really like the harder songs like “Bobbahn” or “Nightcacher”. I always get goosebumps when the audience sings along with us when we play “Wir nennen es Dosenfischen”.sandmann:Not much to add. Every song is a little treasure for the person who writes it; sometimes it is only good for a period of time, others you carry in your heart your whole life. “FTF” tells a great story in my opinion, but I also like the more minimalistic songs like “Kleine Wanze” or “Wenn ich reich bin”.HQ: Do you have a favorite geocache, and if so, what makes it special for you?aba:Calling a cache a favorite would not be fair to all the other owners and the work and thought they put into their caches. There were many caches that we will remember, almost every cache was a small adventure, a special moment; that’s the way we mostly celebrated caches. If an owner is able to make a find a special moment — because of the location, the circumstances, or how the cache was created — that is what makes a cache special for us.sandmann:There are caches that were dedicated to us. I was very touched by that. The fact that a cache owner puts in all the work to create a cache that has tiny singing Dosenfischer in it (sometimes even with lights and moving parts), or Multi-Caches, that reference our songs — that is an amazing feeling. Apart from that I agree with aba: a cache is well done and memorable if an owner was thoughtful about his cache and provided us with a good day, a few good hours, or a surprising moment.HQ: How did it feel to leave the stage for the last time?aba:Empty.I already felt emotional during the encores. And when it was almost over I really wanted to sing “Wir nennen es Dosenfischen” together with the audience one last time. When we played that song I not only got goosebumps like I normally do, but also the sudden realization, “That’s it.” So there were a lot of emotions when we left the stage, and the Swiss organizing team and our families embraced and hugged us..sandmann:I did not really realize it. I was just happy that we were able to play a good concert even though we had little time for rehearsals. I was happy and thankful for how we performed as a band on this night and how the audience embraced us — it was like being in trance. I simply forgot that the Dosenfischer stopped existing after we played the last song.HQ: Is there another band or artist that you wished you could have shared the stage with?aba:Well, we kinda made a small dream come true when we had stotco as well as DimiB and Seasack, who we love to perform with, play with us on stage. It might sound strange, but as a band we achieved more than we could ever imagine. I mean, which other hobby gives birth to bands who produce CDs and play concerts? Which other community is celebrating these bands as much as the geocaching community? If you really think about it, that is unique and extraordinary, and we will be eternally thankful for that.sandmann:That. Perfect description. Of course I have my personal heroes, be it music or geocaching, people we admire and would like to meet in person. But in general I was perfectly happy playing concerts with the Dosenfischer.HQ: What are your plans now that the Dosenfischer are no more?aba:We will definitely continue to make music, each in their own way. Maybe we will feel that itch occasionally and we will end up making music together.Currently we are anxiously waiting for the release of our “Wir nennen es Dosenfischen” album on all the digital music portals (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc). It sound odd, but so far you were not able to find our first album on any digital platform, it takes forever. But who knows, maybe we will release all the songs you will not find on any of our albums this way as well. But who knows, everything is up in the air, we do what we want. (laughs)sandmann:I am experimenting with a lot of different things at the moment: videos, written content, podcast, poetry slam, etc. We will see if any of that will make its way on stage. But if it will it will be much smaller, just performing in Schwerin and the surrounding area. You do not get something huge like the Dosenfischer gifted a second time. But I am really happy that I know aba, DimiB, Seasack and Herrn stotco, because I know that I know the right people if I come up with ideas that will require a band.HQ: You got any last words for all your fans?aba:“Last words” sounds harsh. Of course we hope (and are pretty confident it will be that way) that we don’t get out of touch. All these years have proven over and over again how much we like the people surrounding us. For that reason I would not call the people we met through caching, the podcast, or the music “all our fans”, but “all our friends”. And they are all dear to our hearts, and we miss them already two days after a concert.sandmann:Uh, last words — oof. After everything aba just said only one thing: Thank you!We at Geocaching HQ also say THANK YOU for all those precious moments and memories, and everything you have done for the geocaching community. And who knows, maybe our paths will cross again in the future.Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedGeocaching.com Presents: DosenfischerAugust 11, 2011In “Deutsch”Die Dosenfischer – der letzte VorhangSeptember 28, 2017In “Deutsch”Phenomenal geocaching community stories from 2017December 26, 2017In “Community”last_img read more

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