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H5 avian flu virus found in Canadian poultry

first_imgJun 19, 2006 (CIDRAP News ) – An H5 avian influenza virus was found in a dead gosling in a backyard flock in eastern Canada late last week, but authorities said today there is “no evidence” that the virus is the deadly H5N1 strain.Meanwhile, Hungary was culling poultry following the recent confirmation of the country’s first H5N1 outbreak in domestic birds, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP).In Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced Jun 16 that a young goose on Prince Edward Island had tested positive for an H5 virus. The gosling was one of four birds that died in a flock of about 40, according to a Jun 18 Reuters report. Further testing was under way at the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease in Winnipeg, Man., the CFIA said.”There is no evidence to suggest that we are dealing with the H5N1 strain currently in Asia and other countries,” the CFIA said in an update today. “That virus is marked by very high mortality in birds, which was not observed in this particular situation.”If the virus turned out to be the deadly Asian strain of H5N1, this would mark its first appearance in North America. But mild H5 viruses have been found in Canadian poultry before. About 58,000 poultry were culled near Chilliwack, British Columbia, last November to stop an outbreak of a low-pathogenic H5 virus.The CFIA destroyed the Prince Edward Island flock of 35 to 40 ducks, geese, and chickens Jun 16, the Reuters report said. In addition, the CFIA said today it had quarantined a farm next to the affected one and was testing the birds there.”There has been no evidence of AI [avian influenza] in the birds on this second premises, but there has been regular movement of people and possibly animals between the two premises,” the agency said.A CFIA veterinarian named Jim Clark suggested that the four dead birds on the affected farm might have died of something other than avian flu. “There’s no direct evidence that the influenza virus was the cause of the problem in the four birds that died,” Clark told Reuters.H5 and H7 viruses can have either high or low pathogenicity. Low-pathogenic forms circulating in poultry can mutate into high-pathogenic strains.If the Prince Edward Island virus is found to be highly pathogenic, all poultry within 3 kilometers of the affected farm will be culled, according to CFIA spokesman Marc Richard, as quoted by the Bloomberg news agency today.Canada had a bout with a highly pathogenic H7N3 avian flu virus in southern British Columbia 2 years ago, the Bloomberg reported noted. Authorities destroyed 17 million poultry to stop that outbreak.In Hungary, poultry culling was already under way when the European Union’s avian flu reference laboratory in Weybridge, England, confirmed Jun 16 that the deadly H5N1 strain caused a disease outbreak on a farm in Kiskunmajsa, according to a Jun 16 AFP report.The outbreak was Hungary’s first in domestic birds, according to an online report today by the weekly newspaper The Budapest Times. The country reported H5N1 cases in wild swans in February.Hungary reported the poultry outbreak to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Jun 9, listing the virus as an H5. The disease killed about 800 geese and prompted the culling of 2,300 more, according to the OIE report.The Budapest Times said the virus was found on several farms. “Authorities said all poultry within one kilometer of the outbreaks must be destroyed, meaning about half a million birds,” the story said.Hungarian Agriculture Minister Jozsef Graf said the government had allocated 11 million euros to compensate farmers affected by the outbreak, the newspaper reported. Graf also said Hungary had asked the European Union for 32 million euros in compensation for losses due to avian flu.In other developments, China reported an avian flu outbreak on poultry farms in the northern province of Shanxi, according to an AFP story based on information from Xinhua. The story gave no details on the size of the outbreak.The deadly strain of H5N1 has affected poultry in 34 countries since late 2003, according to the OIE. The organization published a chart today that listed the number of reported outbreaks by country. Vietnam led the list with 2,313 outbreaks, followed by Thailand (1,078), Indonesia (211), Turkey (176), Romania (168), Russia (121), China (80), Nigeria (69), Ukraine (23), Korea (19), and Cambodia (16).See also:OIE report on Hungary outbreak graph of poultry outbreaks by countryDec 30, 2005, CIDRAP News story “H5N1 avian flu viruses: What’s in a name?”last_img read more

Villa Vulin from Pula was named the best small hotel in Europe

first_imgLuxury Hotel Villa Vulin won several valuable awards this year, but the most important was the 1st International Hotel Awards 2017-2018 in London, where Villa Vulin was named the best small hotel in Europe, and the best small five-star hotel in Croatian standards. The award ceremony of this high world recognition will be held on October 26 in London.Luxury Hotel Villa Vulin, after voting from all continents, was declared the winner of the World Luxury Hotel Awards. The award will be presented in early December in St. Louis. Moritz in Switzerland. “This success will therefore be sweet, but also difficult to maintain at this height, we will do our best to remain faithful to the audience around the world who have given us their trust. I am still really emotionally shaken by all this, but I am very pleased that all our work and effort has borne fruit after so many years. It will be a beautiful legacy for my family, but also a great honor for our city, the whole of Istria and Croatia. At the same time, it is a great obligation to continue to maintain the quality of our service at a high level. and we are pleased to have provided the award to ourselves, the city of Pula, Istria and the Republic of Croatia. Since our Villa Vulin has now won all world awards except local awards, we intend to apply and participate in the award ceremony “Golden Goat” awarded by the Tourist Board of the Istrian County”Pointed out Vaso Vulin, owner of the Villa Vulin hotel for Glas Istre.The award-winning hotel is located near Valsalina in Pula, and was categorized with five stars in 2014. It has a capacity of 22 beds in six hotel suites and has the option of a presidential suite on the upper floor.At the 50th International Tourism Fair in Novi Sad, held last week, Luxury Hotel Villa Vulin won as many as five awards and recognitions – the Novi Sad Fair Cup for the exclusivity of facilities and services, the Grand Gold Medal for apartment accommodation exclusivity and the Grand Gold Medal for promotional activities. They were also awarded for the breadth of the gastronomic offer of Mediterranean cuisine and for the high quality of the interior and high identity.Watch the interview of the owner Vase Vulin about the whole story of how the best small hotel in Europe was created.last_img read more

Croatian offer presented at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show

first_imgThe Representative Office of the Croatian National Tourist Board, in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, presented the Croatian tourist offer at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show, the largest B2C tourism fair on the west coast of the USA, which took place this year on the 24th and 25th. February 2018 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.Katarina Line was one of the representatives of the Croatian tourism industry at the fair, and several partners who participated in the Sell Croatia workshop held in Los Angeles two days before the fair – Obzor Holidays, Tureta Travel, Expedia-travel, Pointers Travel DMC, Nautika Nava Center, MYS Yachting, Le Meridien Lav, Hotel Diocletian and DMK Wall 042.The fair was well attended, so more than 35.000 visitors had the opportunity to see the offers of more than 500 tourist companies and organizations from around the world, and get information on more than 350 destinations, point out the CNTB, adding that in addition to numerous tour operators, travel agencies , a cruising company and hotelier, the fair also attracted numerous journalists, bloggers and production companies.As part of the rich program of the fair, lectures were given by famous lecturers (celebrity travel speakers), such as Rick Steves, Samantha Brown and Pauline Frommer. The fair also offered the opportunity to meet new business partners, journalists and bloggers, industry news, but also a program on three stages – Travel Channel Theater, Destination Theater, Savvy Traveler Theater, which includes a variety of cultural and culinary performances and presentations and interaction with visitors. potential tourists.last_img read more

Kvarner in the finals for hosting the World Annual SKÅL Congress

first_imgAt the World Annual SKÅL Congress, which is being held in Kenya this year, a great struggle is underway between our tourism representatives who are fighting to host this extremely important congress, which would bring to Kvarner in 2020 some of the most important and influential tourism professionals from all over the world. SKÅL International, is an international organization of tourism managers with about 15.000 members gathered in over 500 clubs around the world. SKÅL Club Kvarner, whose members are professionals in Kvarner tourism (hoteliers, agencies, tourist boards and others), submitted the candidacy of the cities of Rijeka and Opatija to the international SKÅL association for hosting the World SKÅL Congress in 2020.Director of the Kvarner Tourist Board, who is also the president of the SKÅL Club Kvarner Irena Peršić Živadinov stated that the candidacy for such an important world congress as the SKÅL International World Congress has a very large promotional force for the image of both Kvarner and the whole of Croatia. “It is expected that the congress in Kvarner could be attended by about 1.000 participants, including many owners of influential travel agencies and tour operators who would then have the opportunity to show the tourism potential of the region and thus more successfully in the future to offer our tourism facilities to their clients.”Points out Persic Zivadinov.After a long and demanding candidacy, Kvarner has entered the finals with the Swiss city of Lugano and the hosting of this important tourist congress will be decided at this year’s World SKÅL Congress in Mombasa. Both destinations have extensive presentations on the possibilities of hosting congresses as well as the attractiveness of destinations.Representatives of the Kvarner Tourist Board, the Rijeka Tourist Board, the Opatija Tourist Board, members of the SKÅL Kvarner Club and SKÅL International Croatia actively participated in the candidacy. The candidacy received the support of the Ministry of Tourism, the Croatian National Tourist Board, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the cities of Rijeka and Opatija, as well as many other partners. If a household is chosen, Opatija and Rijeka will host the world SKÅL congress entitled “SKÅL congress in the European Capital of Culture.last_img read more

The cycle of education for holders and organizers of tourist contents in nature continues

first_imgWe remind you that according to the Tourism Services Act (OG 130/17, OG 25/19, OG 99/19), all companies / crafts and other legal and natural persons that provide tourist services for active and adventure tourism must hire or have an employee with appropriate domestic or foreign certificate or certificate which determines the ability and skill level of performing a particular activity. You can find a complete list of active and adventure tourism services, a list of appropriate certificates and other conditions on the official website HGK Tourism Sector. Hrvatska gorska služba spašavanja (HGSS) i Hrvatska gospodarska komora (HGK) nastavljaju s dvodnevnim edukacijama za nositelje i organizatore turističkih sadržaja u prirodi. You can find the program with the lecture schedule as well as the application conditions at službenim stranicama HGK. The certificate obtained upon completion of this training is one of the recognized certificates / certificates for performing certain activities from the list of activities that are considered tourist services of active and adventure tourism. Dubrovnik, March 19 and 20.03.2020, XNUMXZadar, 02. and 03.04.2020.Osijek, April 16 and 17.04.2020, XNUMXSplit, April 23 and 24.04.2020, XNUMX The training cycle will include the following cities:last_img read more

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