Month: November 2017

Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station station group and optimization strategies need to pay attention to


server for the IP section of the VM server, must not choose the same period of IP, for the latter part of the site maintenance site move, and love Shanghai for the station group judgment have a great impact, so when buying virtual space, can be purchased from different service providers more in line with our station group demand.

source: to do stand group of people, as we all know, almost all of the stations are used in the source code, has a great effect on the cost, can directly go up, such as open source, the more practical PHPCMS, ASPCMS, DEDECMS and WordPress. Even ZBLOG and so on, can be used as our source program, the source stations used while I was building for PHPWIND, of course, this set of open source code even now there are many user groups in the use of some major benefits of this set of open source code, modify, or module or column that is completely fool the station, as long as you play QQ space, operator PHPwind will not be much problem, and the phpwind module for the optimization of the days after too A great help, this optimization again. You can view some open source program, selective use. read more

Five do not let down the website optimization advice

were collected, the weight is not high

website must not relax our vigilance, a lot of people are on the spatial instability caused by the site came right or be K had a profound experience. I had a similar experience, buy space at the beginning and later on to safe and sound, one after another problem. So the blog is right down. Sometimes the first day stability, second days is likely to appear snapshot lag situation, so in the choice of virtual space, the contrast is not a bad choice, don’t be afraid of trouble, if just began to act carelessly, then the trouble behind you. read more

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