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How to get rid of the trouble of manual intervention in Shanghai love

2, outside the chain of high quality

3, the quality problem: while maintaining the daily updates to the site, but the quality is poor, most of them are copied to the user role is small, so love Shanghai for such websites artificial intervention.

A lot of people are not optimistic about the

preferred us first to find out what is the "love Shanghai manual"

search engine is love new things, if we can publish original articles regularly, love of spiders in Shanghai will also be based on your regular day crawling your site, so soon love will give Shanghai website weight. This is like a newspaper, if you every day the newspapers have new news, then the consumer is willing to buy. read more

Optimization of website structure webmaster how to reasonable

According to the

navigation, or the content in the hyperlink, some people use a relative path, some absolute path, what is the example:

(map website optimization)

we have been talking about how to do the site external optimization, such as how to increase the chain, where the promotion, but many webmaster friends do not pay attention to the optimization of the site structure, which is the internal optimization, I also ignore this aspect. But this time has been in Lou song song website optimization, but also to talk about how to optimize the site structure, this paper lists a lot of my common problems, I hope useful for everyone. read more

s the underground TLA worth the riskPersonal Adsense network earn two new way out

      however, we must see that the current TLA Text Link Ads market atrophy is quite powerful, especially more and more advertisers to evacuate the income question but the risk is great, the direct consequence is the income obtained by TLA decline line blog. Although at present is still higher than most of Chinese advertising alliance.

a Chinese click, but one or two cents, a click in English is dozens of cents, and even some one click as much as a dozen dollars.

2, CJ, an advertising alliance based on sales commissions. read more

Most of Shanghai dragon training value is decided by oneself

this is some sinister organizations often use a trick on the surface is very good, in fact, hidden mystery. As a technology, learning situation of Shanghai dragon no one can It differs from man to man., said 100 percent guarantee that you can learn, there will not be any company talk for you to find a job, and they say they will have small 99, so today I will combine their own knowledge and say.

on the first, it is free, but he teach you things are written some of the basic content of the preparation, such as resource construction techniques and the chain platform, these things can be found on the Internet, what value does not exist. But they will use the form of homework to let you free to help them when workers complete some chores, even if you finally can not participate in the subsequent training, also do not have what loss for them, because they didn’t in this. read more

Wang Xiaodong in the face of problems included a new station on the line of what we should do.

new station on the line was faced by search engines, the general method of operation is like search engine submission and then stand outside the weight of the high place to do some outside the chain and guide the spider crawling, and etc.. In the face of problems included I think everyone is such a step, but why do some stations can soon be included, even is the second, and some stations are struggling in the closed and do not accept such a "difficult" position. The methods used are the same, but the results are not the same, the only explanation is that the site was included in the face of problems, problems are only differences in each hand site is the largest, with the hand just a second small Master point reading pen station: 贵族宝贝xiaodr贵族宝贝 how to build the website itself bold guess can accelerate the speed of the collection. (picture not, damn) read more

Lele let’s read it www.du8Wangzhuan trick 139 mailbox secret

2, recruitment requirements: demand, urgent, high profits, low requirements for applicants typing, unlimited time and office address, you need to register 139 mailbox.

these are 139 registered mail tricks, I believe we can be sure to keep their eyes open, do not be deceived, together against the Wangzhuan liar! The original please indicate the copyright of

uses typing to lure users into registering 139 mailboxes; case sites: GG search: " recent recruitment; 139 mailbox " read more

was in Shanghai dragon face life and work should have what kind of attitude

" you as a doctor at least light.

although the relatives do not know what it is, but with a few words, such as the good work, do a good job like.

" well, if you take care of business, want to come back anytime. " Wang helpless sigh.

Xiao Yu is a face relaxed closed the door, thinking: I do Shanghai dragon, to continue to stay here until no future.

" home decoration house? You can leave it, after decorating the house back to work no problem, your performance is very I recognized, is your future. " Wang a serious look. read more

Note the construction of Shanghai Longfeng five outer chain optimization


five: the best way to increase the site outside the chain, that is the chain through the soft Wen, get not only stable, but also can not be removed by others reproduced, increasing the chain site, others take the initiative to reprint articles will not be easily removed, so that the chain is usually stable so, soft Wen is the best source of the chain, can now place the text of course is stationmaster net, every day there are many webmaster here reproduced

three: internal site of the original article is appropriate to add some of the anchor text links, this is very friendly to search engine spiders, can help get more extended inside the site, grab the number will be more, so we need to add a keyword anchor text link appropriate update the day in the inside very good, this is very helpful for the optimization of the chain in read more

Through the love of Shanghai snapshot server to determine whether a site is artificial intervention

cache.baidu贵族宝贝 is the webmaster should know love Shanghai today to analyze the snapshot server, snapshot server to optimize the pros and cons of love Shanghai. When some friends may view statistics in the web site to see the background, or log on the website see the antecedents, the careful hello. Below I talk about some of the antecedents of knowledge cache.baidu贵族宝贝 access.

In order to verify the

, however, is to open the site after a week in Shanghai, love crazy: information not seconds received, and the love of Shanghai began plucking, every day at a speed of more than one hundred hair, then snapshot; fortunately the word did not decrease, but after domain or site have not normal. The spear, the reasons for the Neimeng a week. However, the log on the website suddenly found a large number of cache.baidu贵族宝贝 road access, which caused their vigilance. It is the love of Shanghai conducted a manual review of the site? Because of the other sites before I have also appeared a few times and cache.baidu贵族宝贝 antecedents access, both at the Shanghai love survey visit website snapshot has been drop right phenomenon, later on the Internet to find cache.baidu贵族宝贝 article did not talk about love and artificial audit related to Shanghai the two days before the love of Shanghai after the big update came several cache.baidu贵族宝贝 visit, just a few days ago the search results page is not included. Sometimes sometimes back into the website snapshot, which makes the site like drunk driving the same. View the site log, love Shanghai spiders everywhere is 20000, that is included in the success, only to a few times, somehow also included success. It is there love Shanghai is artificial, the server is not stable, don’t. read more

The Shanghai dragon skill you all know

1, the chain by competitors, if you do not know the path of the chain, where competitors may wish to look at it, by domain: a competitor’s site, you can find rival external chain. Analysis of some competitors, you can get more chain. The chain don’t cling to a website, suggested that the ten thousand chain scattered in one thousand sites, each site ten chain, and suggested that the ten thousand chain scattered in ten sites, each site one thousand chain, which causes after the explanation. read more

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