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The resource is not available has the address of the links do not return 404


"our website editing content will produce a link address, but the content is not approved, the links in this period will be 404, if love is what Shanghai grab?" Shenzhen VIP forum site, the webmaster to ask the sea perfectrch lecturer. Prior to this, the president also received a lot of information about such kind of webmaster. The VIP forum in Haiwei on behalf of the official reply to this question:

site is strongly recommended not to do so, will affect the content included speed, if the resource is temporarily unavailable, with 500 and 503 of this type of return code. Especially the original content, set in this case 404 on the site is a great loss. Because, try again after 50X spider found access frequency to be much faster than the 40X. read more

Three site keywords Shanghai dragon er you know

!The main reason the site brand word In fact, the so-called

said the site of Shanghai Longfeng, many people will think of the first time is the site of the title, keywords and other labels form, of course this is when each stationmaster took over the new site need to seriously understand and think about. In addition to these, you think site optimization also includes what

keyword mainly refers to the user in the search for specific sites, and knew he wanted to go to the website which, just can’t remember or not. Enter the URL themselves, so directly enter the brand name in the search engine or related to a particular brand of words, usually the key words should be in the first row is the user want to visit the official website. Of course, this is a brand new site keywords have to think before put into the search engine read more

From the two ranking webmaster tools to analyze the future development trend of Shanghai Dragon


webmaster tools have been all webmaster tools, can be said to start the day from the birth of Shanghai dragon, webmaster tools also came into being together. The most famous in all the webmaster tools two is the master of the house and love the two station webmaster tools. Most of the webmaster every day in addition to use statistics and love Shanghai love Shanghai webmaster tools is the use of these two tools for data query. The two webmaster tools has also been in the forefront of webmaster tools, but in fact a year ago the ranking is not so. read more

How long in Shanghai Longfeng independent blog can go


above the two picture is the blog of Lu Songsong Guinness screenshots, first deputy is Hot Blog navigation, second provinces is blog. In Hot Blog navigation, the name of the blog Shanghai dragon, only ZAC of the "Shanghai daily" a dragon, and no other, but many provinces in the blog, there are a lot of the title of Shanghai dragon independent blog.


really, I’ve done such a word, do love Shanghai first, and then feel really become a master, then think of Shanghai dragon is actually so seriously, don’t have to learn, their grasp. But later discovered that their difference is not a tiny but adventitious quantity. For example, how to optimize the pure picture station, how to do Shanghai Longfeng mall, optimization method of streaming website waterfall do? For example: keywords do love Shanghai home, why so little traffic? IP out why the rate is so high? Why browsing a page will be much higher than the other from the user page? In which link, why would he come in, what is the value of the site which he read more

How to do web site optimization is simple, concise and simple

website code and pictures in order to standardize and simplify

wrote two articles about "how to really do the optimization work site (a)" and "how to really do optimization work site (two)" article, in fact, this article should be regarded as the third sequel, out of love for the Shanghai search engine of the same title included in this paper for a consideration a title, I hope my friends can understand.

website to

to describe the concise and to the point from the title

is not to say that the more the content of our search engine on the web is good, a little experience of friends will find us in the optimization of the web site a concise and clear description, title keywords website title words concise and to the point than some kinds, and describe the site keywords accumulation more easily included on the website optimization, and observation now some very stable ranking sites, we can find the title and description of the website content is very concise and to the point, for example, we are familiar with the Chinaz website, we are familiar with the A5 master station, we are familiar with the major portals, the international site Title and description than we imagined simply. read more

Novice webmaster tell you why Shanghai dragon is very important (two)

fifth, Shanghai dragon make the site easier to use: there are many details of things we just didn’t care, but began to focus on after contact with the Shanghai dragon, usability is one of the very important aspect, because the site to long-term development, loyal users and reputation is very important, so the user experience is in front of us. Let us start from the Shanghai phoenix only pay attention to rankings, now gradually transition to the importance of thinking promotion, learn from the overall promotion. This is what we learn in the process of Shanghai dragon’s ability has improved. read more

Comprehensive analysis of various aspects of Web site keywords optimization

in the web page is to introduce the "display content, good description will be very accurate to tell users what they want, that is they search for keywords, they want to know that there will be a brief introduction, interest them click browse, so this is very important. Especially some of the products and service of the website, if left in the description of the hotline, to use >

generally appear in the title, this is common sense, if our website title you get a "home page", who will know that your website is what? Who will bird you this website is search engine, or the user may only be? I think you, you you certainly know how to take care of his bird! The title role is intuitive to tell visitors what your site is. read more

A secret makes a site outside the chain surge is adhere to

data network

Qingdao Shanghai Dragon

chain wedding day

like Qingdao Shanghai dragon in the hands of the site of the chain is usually done by writing soft, so I want to tell the new Adsense, the chain method is the best to increase by writing soft, soft Wen.

last night love Shanghai and update, this update most of the chain website has increased, especially in Qingdao Shanghai dragon wedding network from yesterday jumped 4170 to 6630, Qingdao Shanghai dragon blog chain also jumped to 1990 from 619, an update is very awesome, as several other site outside the chain also a lot more, so the chain that awesome website is currently ranked steady rise, visible, strong chain for the website ranking should not be overlooked. read more

90 Gao Peng Shanghai dragon circles the birth of a Cthulhu – Ashes rain Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai dragon WHY website

The title !Keywords Shanghai dragon

(KeyWords) Shanghai dragon training and free download tools – Shanghai dragon rain Shanghai dragon real exchange platform – free Shanghai dragon tutorial

2, included, reverse link, Links

(Description) of Shanghai dragon training, free Shanghai dragon tools, Shanghai dragon tools download, rain Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon real exchange platform, free Shanghai dragon tutorial, Shanghai dragon training and free download tools – Shanghai dragon rain Shanghai dragon real exchange platform – free Shanghai dragon tutorial, Shanghai dragon training and free Shanghai dragon tools download – rain Shanghai dragon real exchange platform – free Shanghai dragon tutorial read more

After the video website of winter left for the kingDo you mind and enter Wangzhuan industry ready

Do Wangzhuan

source: FirstMe Wangzhuan blog

welcome to reprint, please indicate the source: FirstMe Wangzhuan blog

      to be realistic, such an outcome is inevitable. The result of "swarm" is that you copy me, I copy you, copy, copy, everybody is the same. Don’t be a risk investor. Even average users need to make a choice. This kind of sober actually is a good thing, cool down bring to go thick, save essence, most die out, a few have vitality bigger and stronger. read more

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