accidentally in the search to Baidu, feel the state of the soft state is very high, high to everybody don’t know true and false. The text reproduced below has to satisfy the audience:

quoted content: Google new address to 265 Qihoo compete with Baidu in the end

  the latest news, Qihoo (our) open at the same time, the Qihoo web page LOGO has replaced our words, but the design style is still. Qihoo have been replaced by our search search. It is also worth noting that our new network from February onwards, the original Qihoo network experience channel will switch to the domain name. The Qihoo to change the domain name and website name, and low-key, simply issued a notice on the home page, did not give a specific reason.

  after the Qihoo network said after the Spring Festival will be officially launched our main business, comics or animation content, the industry generally believe that our Qihoo will become independent sub channels, but this speculation has been overturned. Google also followed a new action, I do not know what to do?

the cause of the incident, Baidu acquired hao123, GooGle has also responded, on GooGle, hao123 lost the trail, while Baidu went to the negotiation, negotiation successful Hao123 appears again in Google search. Soon Google also make new moves, the successful acquisition of, but still lost 265 veteran hao123, one is site, one is the Internet navigation, like a dragon sword, a sword, the two meet, there will be a winner, so GooGle up with our Qihoo,, and Google on the domain name again shortened to five digits, so Google decided to from this talent shows itself, I do not know a web site can stimulate the market, and the 265 hao123 again really, who wins and who loses

, wait and see!