as everyone knows, the search engines love original content, because for most sites, duplicate content only increased the burden of work and the search engine users search search time cost, does not add useful information to the users. This is a serious violation of the search engine quickly and efficiently to the user to retrieve relevant information to the user’s original intention, therefore, the search engine has a natural affinity for the original content.

"but in their own unique perspective to examine a major problem (or phenomenon), the original content has a certain reference value for the user just need to win the hearts and minds of the conditions of the search engine, this does not mean that the content will be included in search engines, and will be recommended to search search engine users.


search engines are becoming more and more intelligent search engine, but also can’t distinguish each web content value, can search engine can access the user’s access number, interactive comments, user participation in the article is the chain number, reproduced share content from web pages (including plain text. The number of "mass) approval degree (degree of professional approval authority website)" value to judge a web content.


in this sense, the so-called original is not equal to some of our people think only this one, no branch of ancestral stunt, if there is the value of the original content can not form a wider range of timely and effective communication and interaction effects, more users, nor is the original content of popular search engine, because the Internet is the original intention of "information sharing, transfer value".

therefore, the search engine does not completely reject the original content of original content and share key is reproduced, reproduced and spread effect of share, the R & D department "on the Internet search blog page value" in Baidu said: "someone published a blog for a news event, followed by Sina to reprint the news channel. From the description of the content, this is a repetition.

But this is only

repeat the main content repetition, on the one hand it brings the reproduced access speed, stability and other aspects of the gain, and then retrieves the user and there is the possibility of "news + Sina" to retrieve this news. This can be called site gain.

on the other hand, it may be reproduced in the process will change the title of the page, and relying on its audience, reproduced in the page, there may be more valuable comments and reply, there may exist to other related events news links. These can be called content gain. So even if there is no change in the content of the theme, Sina’s reprint is also valuable, its scarcity is also higher".

is not difficult to understand, for many small flow, high quality content of small and medium sites, the search engine in order to spread the effect to evaluate the value of the original content of the standard is not very favorable.