a lot of novice webmaster, are called "SEO optimization", "keyword" analysis…… This kind of website traffic skills "intimidated". These traffic techniques is indeed effective, but not suitable for those who just contact the Internet, do not understand the technology of novice adsense. If you are a novice, don’t be discouraged because we’re going to announce a smarter, simpler way to do traffic. Common people’s way of thinking is: advertising to the flow of their own website to register users to provide value. However, the vampire model is: to borrow other people’s traffic to provide value to register

why in the vampire world, there is no traffic on their own site?". Our core purpose is to get registered users". As for the flow is someone else, or their own, what is worth discussing it?

others already have a lot of flow, why should he go to "start" to "borrow" directly? Well. This is the most suitable for novice vampire mode. The other people, directly grab…… "Vampire mode" allows you to get 840 high-quality registered users in the next 7 days, within a month to create a registered user of the 3000. You are not a bit of it? Before the start of a small AD my new blog

http://s.3Gla.net will offer you the best mobile phone resources carefully so now let us enter the super flow "vampire" first, let’s analyze, under normal circumstances the flow process! That is how to flow into registered users from.

      a lot of friends or a lot of Web sites, they take the method is like this: first, they buy the keyword advertising, or write some community soft. And then at the end of the soft, leave their web site access links. So some people see their ads, or soft Wen will enter his website. So the flow of access to the site. Then they will see some free resources on the site. If he is willing to get more resources, then it is necessary to register, that is, in exchange for free resources. So they become our registered mail customers, under normal circumstances, we operate the flow is like this.

so we have to break down these practices, in fact, it is the 8 step

1, in the community to see the attractive soft Wen

2, click on the link in soft text, enter the page

3, browse web information

4, judge free resources for their own value

5, enter the email address

6, verification code

7, to the registered mailbox to open the confirmation letter

8, >