October 19, 2006, Yang Junzuo, Secretary General of the China Internet association industry self-regulation Committee confirmed the Chinese Internet association in promoting the real name of the blog news. Blog real name on the Internet for raise a Babel of criticism of a foregone conclusion. Is a foregone conclusion, this does not accord with the law of development of the Internet, perverse. The real name system introduced early in many areas of the trial, but the result is not him, died on the way. From the BBS real name system to the real name system of online games, from the real name system to the real name system. Three real decision previously introduced to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Blog real name system is likely to further their footsteps, the final result may be neither temporary nor permanent. Blog real name system starting point in order to regulate the blog comments, avoid infringement, privacy and liability disputes bubble. To some extent, capable of binding self-discipline and Heteronomy to regulate the behavior of Internet users, but the decision to how much of a chance? Blog real name system to achieve the ultimate results, the need to break the three barriers, if not break through, she has become a real name system fashion hype a new bubble in the wind.

the first barrier: blog users opposition. It is reported that China’s blog users has reached 17 million 500 thousand, active blog, blog readers about 75 million people, about 7 million 700 thousand. The blog has two categories: one category is a kind of real name anonymous blog, blog, the number of the latter is far more. Blog real name system once the news came out, it ushered in a large number of Internet users oppose and boycott. Although the blog real name system is still brewing in the Ministry of information, but it is likely to stifle in the cradle, most bloggers are not opposed to the implementation of the real name system. Anonymity to some extent is a major feature of the blog, the real name system will kill those who seek the right to speak blog. And if you are forced to the identity of the registration, then I feel sad this ridge. The network is a virtual platform, and the blog is deeply branded traces of the product of the internet. While the Chinese father blog to comment, "blog real name unreasonable system would destroy the Chinese blog site, although somewhat extreme, but also from the hunt in opposition not only blog users, and the Internet industry insiders disagree. So, if you want to implement blog real name system, to quell opposition bloggers.

second barriers: real name are difficult to cure symptoms. "There are a lot of problems, such as infringement, privacy, responsibility and so on, which are caused by the blog." blog real name system "is a solution that can be found at present." (Shenyang) "the real name system not only protects the freedom of expression of the blog, but also ensures that it is based on freedom" (Huang Chengqing). The above statement, the author skeptical. Blog real name system can really solve a series of problems caused by it? A temporary cure is also difficult. The root causes of infringement, privacy, responsibility is not real name or not. But in the entire Internet industry has not formed a certain legal procedures and rules to ensure that the rights and obligations of each netizen to honor. Even if you can get out of the real name system, but also the introduction of the "privacy protection law" or "personal information protection law" and other security information to ensure the real name