What is

and how to make marketing occasion? Occasion marketing enterprise brand communication? Wal in this paper with an example to talk about the marketing occasion.

is taking advantage of the sales marketing is the purpose behind the marketing activities, product promotion into a popular consumer environment, make consumers understand and accept the product marketing products means in this environment. Specific performance for consumers through the media for the eye, with the consumer’s own communication, relying on easy entertainment and other ways to guide the market. In other words, it is through the homeopathy, campaign, occasion etc, in order to improve the visibility and reputation of the enterprise or product, establish a good brand image, and ultimately to promote a product or service marketing strategy.

had a clever bookseller, almost no cost, put their own slow-moving all the books sold out, and he means some common sense: he has to jump out of the then president of the United states. And the secret of his success lies in the good occasion, clever with the public figure of this resource, so as to realize the marketing occasion.

This is the story of

, the bookseller in hand when cleaning up inventory headache flashes, think of a wonderful idea. He gave the president sent a book, and invited him to write a book review, the president is chief flawless take Xinshou back two words: good. So, according to a bookseller immediately ad: a president think a good book, best-selling book quickly sold out. A month later, the bookseller gave President sent a book, think of the last to be used, the president is very angry, a reply. The bookseller quickly advertised: a president that bad book, best-selling book sold again; a few days later, the president received a book, this time he was wiser, no matter who continue to advertise the bookseller: a Book of even the president can not judge the book, the book has been swept away unsalable.


story may exaggerate some of the ingredients, but the truth is obvious. Taking advantage of the marketing campaign, homeopathy, is through the way of taking advantage, in order to improve the visibility and reputation of enterprise and products, and ultimately to promote a product or service marketing strategy. Is taking advantage of the marketing advantage, if used properly, it can by very low cost, to get publicity effect, huge make huge gains.

Internet tycoon Arki David will be an occasion to marketing really made a reality, also with the president to manage the "battlecam" video website made a successful marketing occasion.

Obama in a mid-term election meeting, a naked man and in the field running, drop from the clouds, back not only had a big "battlecam.com", at the same time, his mouth still shouting "battlecam.com", about more than and 10 minutes later, the naked man was stopped by police and was forcibly taken away from the scene, and this scene through television, delivered to thousands of households. It was later learned that the naked man was named James Rogoz, naked