Fudan BBS station 66 layout low popularity face off, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji site users also collapse.


The sharp decline of


BBS users reduce 8 pm last night, peak time, screenshots show, "sun Fudan University Guanghua" BBS rose only 3297 people, while the highest number of rose was 10 thousand and 400.

have closed version


according to the BBS station rules, the layout of the discussion is not normal for a long time, or the theme of the page without the need to continue to discuss, can be closed." Included in the closed list of 66.

uses complex

The complexity of the use of the

BBS system allows users to shrink even worse, BBS can not display pictures, the user had to use the way to beautify the layout of the program, for the user with the ASCII code prepared by Beijing Opera masks.


a lot of space especially academic layout online number is very small, basically only, map multiple pages online number is 0.

for college students, BBS station (Bulletin Board System, "bulletin board" for short) was an important part of their network communication. BBS station provides coverage of life, learning, entertainment and other aspects of the content, but also has become a college student, teachers and graduates to contact feelings, exchange of information platform.

however, with the development and changes in the network world, Renren, happy net, micro-blog and other emerging network communication mode, the number of users continue to compress the BBS station. In November 20th, users have found that with 15 years of history of the Fudan University BBS "moon brilliance", was prepared to close 66 pages ("Sun Guanghua" a total of 443 Edition), including all kinds of subjects and academic forum.

is not only the "sun Fudan University Guanghua" BBS, including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, "" never "and pull together in times of trouble are faced with" BBS site users squeeze. An intuitive data is: "moon brilliance" station in 5 years ago, the average rose more than 8000, and is currently hovering around 3000, while the scale of similar "never", on the number of about 3000 people.

layout will be closed


"moon brilliance" BBS is divided into 12 regions, each region and set up under the "zone" theme layout. These pages, both a variety of disciplines, academic discussion version, but also to discuss the beauty, automotive, daily life discussion version, as well as the various faculties of the Department of the layout >