recently, was traced to the presence of high-level transfer of assets, rights and interests of investors, suppliers owed due to corruption fare, chaotic management and other issues of the settlement. In this regard, the way cattle net yesterday to the "First Financial Daily" said that this is "the unexamined defamation", the company has been reported, the case is being processed.

reporter from the public who broke the news that broke the news content is obtained from a employee turnover earlier leaving a middle place, then he published in the blog. In the bid document, tuniu network accused CEO Yu Dunde, COO Yan Haifeng and other building decoration project through transfer of the rights and interests of the shareholders tuniu at least 7 million yuan, and not according to the contract and timely payment to suppliers, up to 37 million yuan in a supplier. In addition the company management, from the beginning of 2011 to the spring of 2012 began large-scale recruitment of mass layoffs in just one year, dismissed employees nearly 1000 people, 2012 has also closed the Wenzhou, Qingdao, Dalian, Taiyuan, Changsha and other 5 companies.

in this regard, the way cattle Network said, this is a nearly half a year ago because of occupation ethics problem is to terminate the labor contract of the employee is petty, fake defamation intended to undermine the normal operation of the order of the company. Had previously suspected of spreading information through the verification of the enterprise extortion. For the specific content of the Internet, the way cattle net did not respond.

way cattle travel network was founded in October 2006, mass tourism. Recently, the way cattle have been confirmed to the outside world Dangdang CFO (CFO) Yang Jiahong officially joined as CFO. Since March 2009, the way cattle Network has completed three rounds of financing, the rich experience of financial listed companies Yang Jiahong join, more is considered as painted cow upcoming signal.

also said the way cattle Network, business for six years, the company has achieved monthly earnings in the near future.