first_imgWhen we think back on last weekend’s festivities at Lockn’, there’s no denying that Joe Russo’s Almost Dead was one of the best. The five players of the group – Scott Metzger, Marco Benevento, Tom Hamilton, Dave Dreiwitz, and, of course, Joe Russo – have become totally synchronized in their improvisational efforts. It’s a real treat to watch this band take on the Grateful Dead catalog with their sharp musicianship and eager enthusiasm.Fortunately, we can relive these two great sets thanks to some pro-shot videos that have surfaced on YouTube. Watch a mostly-full video of night one and a completely-full video of night two, streaming below. Setlists to follow. Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead at Lockn’ Festival, Arrington, VA – 8/25/16Space ->Jam ->Truckin (SM) ->St Stephen # (All) ->The Eleven (TH & JR) ->Brown Eyed Women (TH) >The Wheel $ (All) ->Estimated Prophet (SM) ->Tennessee Jed (TH) >Viola Lee Blues % (All) >He’s Gone (TH) >Terrapin Suite ^ (TH)@ – Technically started on the morning of Friday, 8.26.16# – With a “We’re Gonna Groove” (Led Zeppelin) Jam (Band) & a Dave Dreiwitz Bass Solo$ – With a “Duo Jam”, “Fat Mama” (Herbie Hancock) Teases (MB), a Hell in A Bucket Tease (SM) & probably a bunch more from MB% – With unknown tease (Band) & a “Heartbreaker” (Led Zeppelin) Tease (SM)^ – With “He’s Gone” lyrics sang over the intro, another “Fat Mama” Tease (MB), & another Duo JamSetlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead at Lockn’ Festival, Arrington, VA – 8/26/16“Early Comers” Soundcheck #Ruben & Cherise (TH)Uncle John’s Band (All)One Set: 1:[email protected] ish – 3:50AM ishJam ->Good Lovin’ (SM) ->Shakedown Street $ (TH) ->China Cat Sunflower (TH) ->I Know You Rider (All) >Dancin In The Street % (SM & NA)Music Never Stopped (SM & NA)Turn On Your Lovelight * (NA) ->Slipknot! ->Franklin’s Tower (TH & NA) >Throwing Stones (SM)Not Fade Away & (All)NA indicates Nicole Atkins on Lead or Background [email protected] – Technically started on the morning of Saturday, 8.27.16# – There was a small crowd assembled at the stage for soundcheck, so Joe decided to play some songs that they weren’t “Going to play later tonight” for them.$ – With two “Bathtub Gin” (Phish) teases/jams (Band & JR)% – Ok, I think I got most everything here: With a “Fat Mama” (Herbie Hancock) Tease (MB); with a Dave Dreiwitz Bass Solo & a “Shortnin’ Bread” (James Whitcomb Riley) tease from DD during said solo; with a “Good Lovin” Jam (Band) & call & response “Woo”s from the crowd; with a Duo Jam.* – Not played since 12.27.13 at the Capitol Theatre, 79 shows& – With an unknown (but very familiar) tease (MB)[Setlists posted on Almost Dead’s Facebook, as annotated by manager Peter Costello]last_img