first_imgElliott Smith‘s Either/Or is approaching its 20th anniversary with a reissued deluxe version on March 10th. The Expanded Edition will feature five multi-track live recordings from Olympia, Washington’s Yo Yo A Go Go Festival in 1997, and four previously unreleased studio recordings.The Either/Or: Expanded Edition will feature this rare version of “I Figured You Out”, a song that was recorded by Smith in 1995 as a demo for Mary Lou Lord, who subsequently released a version, that was produced, performed, recorded, and mixed by Smith, on her 1997 EP Martian Saints. The original version, which can be heard below, displays Smith’s undeniable talents in songwriting and musicianship. Listen :The 20th anniversary set features Smith’s third landmark LP remastered from the original tapes by Larry Crane, archivist of Smith’s estate and owner of Jackpot! Studios. Read more about the overwhelming amount of material he went through to reach this 2017 release here.Either/Or: Expanded Edition Track List:1. “Speed Trials” (remastered)2. “Alameda” (remastered)3. “Ballad of Big Nothing” (remastered)4. “Between the Bars” (remastered)5. “Pictures of Me” (remastered)6. “No Name No. 5” (remastered)7. “Rose Parade” (remastered)8. “Punch and Judy” (remastered)9. “Angeles” (remastered)10. “Cupid’s Trick” (remastered)11. “2:45 AM” (remastered)12. “Say Yes” (remastered)13. “My New Freedom” (Live) (unreleased)14. Pictures Of Me” (Live) (unreleased)15. “Angeles” (Live) (unreleased)16. “Some Song” (Live) (unreleased)17. “Rose Parade” (Live) (unreleased)18. “New Monkey” (keys) (unreleased)19. “I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure It Out” (remixed/remastered)20. “I Figured You Out” (unreleased)21. “Bottle Up And Explode” (Alternate Version) (unreleased)[via Rolling Stone]last_img