February 29th 0 0 news, Baidu today announced the morning in the company IM products online notification, I stare at the Sina Technology to the news on the 29 day of 00:01, brush the news flash in my eyes. Before a lot of media reviews Baidu out of the IM in the end is how an interface, the function is more powerful, too much speculation, and give us more imagination.

before the rumors that Baidu had considered "Baidu voice", "Baidu said.", "Baidu HI" Chinese name, until the shots out of yesterday’s Baidu Messenger, we also believe that, but in the end it is today with Baidu "HI" mark, the latter obtained higher support rate, and called "Baidu hi".

In fact, last year, Baidu launched IM

rumors, said Baidu plans to launch the mailbox and IM service message, its credibility is very high, although many people think that is a rumor, but it will be because of the so-called Weakness lends wings to rumours.. Baidu official recruitment page recently, Baidu has been to the recruitment of instant messaging client software engineer and the recent exposure of the Baidu IM screenshot until today Baidu beta "Baidu HI", it seems that the rumors have evolved into reality.


IM was born, for now the instant messaging market is not immediately change the pattern of Tencent QQ and MSN within a year will not have a great impact. Nevertheless, but Tencent and MSN are also faced with the threat of future development and growth of Baidu IM. My point of view, Baidu launched IM aims to make preparations for Baidu to enter the C2C market, a kind of communication tools IM e-commerce as the most effective, Baidu could not use other enterprise products as user communication tools. There is also a reason for the introduction of IM, which is to strengthen the stability of the Baidu community, Baidu post bar user groups. The construction of cohesive user base is currently closed "Baidu HI" instant messaging products can reach series products, integration of user role. As a result, Baidu user groups can freely switch Baidu space through Baidu HI, Baidu post bar, Baidu search to complete a series of products to achieve active and interactive.

mentioned above is the natural reflection on Baidu itself, but its IM launch affect other companies? Because Tencent exclusive market share of more than 70%, so a little while, I guess Ma Huateng was not put Baidu IM in the eye, because now the overlord of the era has passed, to go beyond a development mature, public recognition of the IM company, I really have to see with a telescope to find. Although there is no real threat, but if QQ doesn’t do well in the optimization of service system, might one day be Baidu from behind the knife stabbed Ma Huateng, will make me nervous. Baidu launched IM, according to its current user base is certainly a lot of fans support, but in the end how much time it can form a large scale?. Although now see "100"