"the opportunity before you are living, the typhoon is pigs will fly." A wave of domestic entrepreneurship has liaoyuanzhishi. Tencent launched a series of reports about science and technology entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs story, show innovation and experience for their products, team, business models and other aspects, hope for these dreamers cheer.

this article is eighth: focus on health management.


life (Tencent founder Zhang Jian Technology Plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Wang Xin) November 25th news, personalization is an important label to attract users of Internet products, which means that the cost of access to valuable information to save users. As the field of health management website, "children living law", namely to provide personalized health information tailored to each user. Founder Zhang Jian believes that as a small start-up companies, the only excuse is, to make a difference, this time, they look for potential mobile internet.

October 26th, the mobile application life network’s live "on App Store, two weeks, 350 thousand downloads, 2000 score, average 5 stars. This chapter makes Kennedy surprised: "we are the first to do get so much attention really proves that it is suitable for health management in the mobile Internet to do."

The function of

"live" is still very basic: by testing the user’s physique, provide corresponding health information, such as today’s suitable and not suitable for what to do, what to eat and not recommend eating fruits, vegetables, fresh, in order to improve the user’s physique. In addition, users can also add care to help them maintain the health of more people.

Chinese Medicine physique test software is the key to start

in the early 2005, Zhang Jian will look for the health management as a field of entrepreneurship, looking for partners in the process, met a very experienced in "medical" project on friends, the two hit it off, decided to do a health management website. And the partner is Zhang’s wife.

spent three years to understand the market, by the end of 2008, the site entered the preparatory process. But the health management concept from Western Nutrition logic, users need continuous feedback information in order to obtain the most effective help, such as constantly inform your website every day what to eat, and then calculate the calories and nutrition related user input, the cost is too high, so not to retain users. So, they decided to re recognize the logic of Chinese medicine from the Chinese people.

fortunately, when they were looking for the exit, CCTV news broadcast a news: Chinese Medicine Institute issued the "Chinese constitution classification and decision" standard, by about 60 with daily life test to judge people’s physique.

they immediately take advantage of this standard