renamed China ( March 12th hearing, Chinese about "basic necessities of life", and the car in a "line" plays an important role in the car as a means of transport, essential to people’s lives in the broad market, the relevant domain name in the domain class investment market is also frequently play fast. At node shoot, not long ago, the car single spell Acura domain name to 15 million yuan transactions. Let’s take a look at what are the price of cars in recent years domain node shoot, and those hot car sites and are favored what kind of car domain name.

what is the most valuable car domain name




: take the bus at the junction of domain name

automobile industry domain has always been very popular, the reason is nothing more than the automobile industry is an important pillar for the development of modern industry, in recent years Chinese automobile industry rapid development, with the improvement of people’s living standard, the demand for the car, there will be a market demand, whether the traditional automobile manufacturing industry, or the unlimited potential of the car rental industry the second-hand car market, or taxi software, has unlimited potential, investors are optimistic about the.

so, in the domain of investment market what kind of car domain is the most valuable? Some time ago, "" best single spell domain name is passed to the price of 15 million yuan to buy the domain name investors, investors had also bought the "car" for Larry domain, according to the price in 10 million yuan level.

addition,.CN domain name had 522 thousand yuan knot shoot, car price of one million yuan transactions. "Learning" the domain name was also traced to 58 city with the price of 1 million 680 thousand yuan, even the car domain prices reached 6 digit, visible Pinyin domain name in the domestic status is not low.

2 letter domain name because of its brief memory, become the heart of the terminal and investors. In February this year, "car 2" domain name to 1 million 500 thousand yuan more than the price of the transaction, and the domain name in January 2014 to 400 thousand yuan in the landing phase node took a year, rising about 1000000 yuan, the appreciation potential. Another 2 letter domain name (car Union) to the transaction price of 6 digits. The car network 3 letter domain name price is $500 thousand.

in the Chinese domain "car" to fight a single domain value of gold, in English domain, has the meaning of "car" is more valuable. In February this year, has (Gannett) group spent $1 billion 800 million acquisition of the famous American car website, which is "car" domain name valuation reached $872 million, equivalent to about 5 billion 500 million yuan. Its related suffix domain name has also been the price of 1 million yuan turnover >