zqgame’s "game" boast "martial arts propaganda page

young woman scantily clad ad naked temptation

IT times especially Xin Fei

recently, zqgame’s "game" boast "martial arts exhibition campaign. The front page of the website: "hands off impressively hang small underpants, every" day "are in good mood" advertising, let people stare. Reporters found that, after a brief period of last year, this year, the low end of the game to return to the game.

vulgar marketing heavy head

last year, according to the actress actress Shoushou, Yan Fengjiao, Japanese actress AV, one after another by the game company sought after. With the second half of last year, the Ministry of culture of the porn marketing fierce problem under the ban, reds briefly lost online endorsement market. However, this "game vulgar marketing and a stirring among the dry bones. "The wife is not at home to play the game", "beauty to accompany you to sleep, to experience the passion"…… Young woman with scantily clad, naked speech temptation, provocative.

Analysys International analyst Yu Yi to "IT times" reporter said, vulgar impact is concentrated in the field of web games, web games because of low cost, delivery to the low-end market penetration depth. Data show that through these vulgar advertising, web games into the promotion fee per user can be reduced to a few cents. In the face of a large number of users who have not been exposed to the game, as long as the players into the game even if the marketing success, so the marketing tool is often nothing to do with their own, promotional content and the game itself has been out of reach. The survival difficult small site care whether can exchange their advertising platform, for content will not go."

Regulatory issues behind

for the "big martial arts" vulgar propaganda words matter, deputy director of the division of the Ministry of culture market in micro-blog Tuo Zu Hai said it would investigate the matter. At present, China has been removed from the advertising. But this is obviously insignificant, many vulgar, indecent advertising is still full of online games in the world.

Yu Yi said, August 2010 entry into force of the "network game" Interim Measures for the administration of cultural content control policies and provides the corresponding penalties, had also dealt with a number of vulgar marketing games include Baidu, thunder. "However, in the past 3 months, there has been a rebound in the prevalence of vulgar marketing and consumer probability. Vulgar marketing is mainly concentrated in the low-end market, the cycle is short, advertising is more dispersed, increasing the difficulty of management."

law enforcement officers of a cultural inspection department, told reporters that the supervision of such vulgar advertising marketing has greater difficulty. "If the pornographic content online content, we can be punished, but these online advertising is not the game content, also released on the game platform, text and pictures while overdone, but if there is no violation of laws and regulations to the bottom line, we do not do.