recently read the article written by Zac, the original content of despair, a deep feeling. In the domestic copyright awareness is generally not high, you expect all reprint to write an article for people signing your name, not too realistic; China webmaster small abacus much:

1, face problems

does not sign the source of the article or write directly on his name, said to passers-by, "look, this is my masterpiece, there is level." This is just the type of head on the road, there is a dark side of the psychological need to grow slowly.

2, for fear of losing

I just don’t give you a link, what I want to do for you, ah, I give you link, you don’t give me a link, I don’t eat that deficit. Besides, I gave you a link, the user is running you that, then I also play a beg ah. This is the webmaster egoistic type.

3, a small heart

this kind of webmaster more familiar with the network, SEO also have to understand. He is afraid of each other’s Web site is not stable, give a link, after failure, affect their website ranking, and I can not check one by one, he will directly give a web site, not the site made the link. This station is also belongs to the excusable.

4, forgiving

some articles really lost the original author, don’t know who published, often this kind of webmaster will note: source lost. If you contact him, he will add a link to you. This kind of webmaster still belongs to real type.

in addition, the acquisition station, search engines have also taken measures. Baidu is currently collecting stations or the original content of the site began to refuse to mention.

The cause of

promotion in 2007 CN domain 1 yuan, leading to the CN domain of garbage output all poured into the Baidu database, Baidu have to, began to adjust the algorithm, so the new website has entered a "Baidu sandbox", the sandbox and Google sandbox with Baidu sandbox is all new site in the sandbox of all sites in the sandbox will not appear in the index, it means that you will not be afraid of what comes from Baidu is a IP; and Google Google in the sandbox sandbox, the website is not only ranked in the front row, included still will be included.

if your website is collected, or almost no original (pseudo original) content, so Baidu is likely to direct it in the sandbox to this site into the blacklist, refused to included. For example, I have a story website:, because the data was used to another station data, can be said to be highly repetitive, a month, Baidu is not included, and query Google included 1470, Yahoo has included 323; from this point of view, the Baidu the machine is not a behavior, but.