renamed China ( December 16th news, according to foreign media reports, the Yahoo Corp in 10 this month to the U.S. National Arbitration Forum submitted for arbitration of the dispute arbitration proceedings, the domain name, for the ownership of the domain name.


diagram: page screenshot

registered in October 2008 the pole of the domain name, is the YAHOO trademark "Yahoo" and "-", and the word "Beauty" (good) combination, and YAHOO in addition to holding the trademark "Yahoo", also has called "Beauty related products". Currently, click on the domain name, showing a cosmetics website.

at present, the case is still under trial, the arbitration panel will be based on the principles of the 3 elements of the arbitration ruling on the case. If the domain name is a trademark similar to that of YAHOO, the respondent shall not enjoy the rights or legal interests of the disputed domain name, and the complainant shall be liable for the registration and use of the domain name. So, will be transferred to YAHOO. In addition, YAHOO has successfully recaptured this year,,, and several other Yahoo domain name.