first_imgLocalNews An anatomy of lies, liars and a conspiracy against the state by: – December 19, 2011 Flag of Dominica. Photo credit: avirtualdominica.comIntroduction 1.The present campaign of vilification and misinformation against the Sovereign State of Dominica began some weeks ago when we first heard Thomson Fontaine speak of Ibrahim Dawood and the allegation that he had a Dominican passport. Suddenly, other allegations raised from the skies and the obscure Weekly Blitz raised its ugly and foul head. The genesis and platform for this campaign lies in the malicious intent of partisan liars hell bent on disseminating a series of manufactured lies and allegations, the obvious purpose of which is to create a cloud of dust and thereafter, a conclusion of corruption.2. Needless to say, there are no facts, documentary or otherwise to support these allegations. But the emotionalism and Freudian dislike of the present leadership of the Dominica Labour Party and Prime Minister has created a beehive, which has attracted many including those dressed in the cloth of divinity. They have come at this beehive of patriotism, not realizing that in so far as facts and the truth are concerned, the beehive is empty. In other words, nothing more than a fraudulent shrine for the egos of the so called ‘patriots’.3. However, before I deal with the lies and allegations, let me first deal with the modus operandi or methodology of this decisive and dangerous conspiracy and campaign.ContextThe players and their mode of operation4. Sometime in 2010, the UWP, DFP, Thomson Fontaine, Linton and others gathered as a newly formed Cabal at Jungle Bay and Garraway Hotel. The collision was to join forces with the UWP and DFP. The paramount objective of this PDD was to paint Roosevelt Skerrit with the broad brush of criminality and corruption by any means necessary. This they said would be their only salvation and passport from their present state of suspended animation in the political wilderness. This was their only plan because the DLP inherited a failed State, and by 2011 had transformed our country into a new civilization. Performance and competence was out of the question.5. This dishonest campaign started with Linton ‘aka’ Ali Baba and the Forty Liars. But after 15 years, Ali Baba has failed. The messenger is so crippled by his own dishonesty that he now seeks redemption by singing Christmas Carols. Fontaine and others have also realized that reliance on Q 95 was hopeless. Dominicans were not being fooled by what they heard and could see. This was because Dominicans en masse saw them for what they are; political scavengers in desperate need for a rotten bone.6. In view of this morass and difficulty to gain any traction, Fontaine and the others came up with a most plan which would have made Hitler proud. Lie and lie freely and once you lie often enough, the masses will believe. Thus began the demise of the Jews in Nazi Germany. In this case, the executed plan is to lie about every single thing especially passports because if the allegation is made and there are facts, Skerrit cannot prove a negative. In fact, no one can prove that he did not do an act. You can only prove a positive act.7. Fontaine, aided and abetted by Ali Baba, Athie Martin, Clayton Shillington and Gabriel Christian manufacture lies with great skill. They take any story or grain of sand, which in context, are irrelevant and meaningless. However, they (Fontaine and others) thereafter manufacture facts, or distort the grain of sand, by deliberately and intentionally misrepresenting the facts or inserting wholly unfounded allegations well knowing they are not true. All of this with a single motive and goal; simply to paint the Prime Minister as a criminal and Dominica as a Haven for Criminals.8. Having hatched this nefarious plan, the next step was to seek out and use blog sites or extremist publications like Weekly Blitz. These sites are not responsible Journalists or Media Houses nor do they practice responsible or editorial Journalism. Therefore, when publications from Dominica.Net or Thompson appear, they appear in whole or part, without the slightest inquiry or investigations.9. The attraction here for Fontaine and the other Cabalist is that many who hear or read these allegations do not read or understand what is put out. The clever trick is this; provide no facts or evidence; let speculation prevail, and this will be accepted by the masses as holier than the Psalms. On the other hand, once the facts are revealed, the rest of Dominica will appreciate the facts and the enormous fraud being executed by Fontaine. A lie or half truth has no life or eternal hiding place.10. In short, having failed in every effort to tarnish the Government and Prime Minister, Fontaine and Ali Baba and the Forty Liars have now come up with a new five pronged strategy namely:10.1 tarnish the Prime Minister and those close to him,10.2 tarnish the Government’s standing internationally / diplomatically;10.3 to cut off the funds which comes to the Treasury through the economic citizenship program;10.4 a declaration of economic warfare intended to strangle the country and create social unrest; and10.5 do so regardless of the facts or truth.The Litmus Test11. The question therefore is, how can I help you ascertain lie from fact? There are other significant facts, which cannot be over emphasized. These facts are:11.1 No internationally recognized news Media House has taken any of these manufactured allegations seriously or done any independent investigation to ascertain whether the allegations are true or not. There has been no publication or story;11.2 No international investigative Authority, Police and other investigative Agencies in the World (whether it be MI5, the FBI, Interpol) have published any concern or brought any concern to the attention of their respective Governments or the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica including its Ambassadors at the United Nation, Washington or London;11.3 No Sovereign State, whether the United Kingdom, USA, France, India, Italy or Ambassador at the United Nations have ever hinted at any concern to the Government;11.4 There has been no diplomatic complaint of any kind whatsoever to any of our Ambassadors or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.12. Let’s pause here and ask this simple question? Should we not be asking how is it that all of these Agencies and countries know absolutely nothing about these allegations? The obvious reasons must be that they are manufactured and not true. Just imagine Fontaine knows all but not Interpol!!!13. Despite this, and without any independent inquiries of their own, Thomson Fontaine, Gabriel Christian, Lennox Linton, Athie Martin and Clayton Shillingford have made their bed and patriotic robes from the cloth and fabric of these lies. So the credibility of source is now a completely irrelevant fact to those seeking to destroy the country. Indeed, the more discreditable the source the greater the stench and mepuis for public consumption.The Government’s Response14. The Honourable Prime Minister has repeatedly spoken out on many of these issues. He appeared live for two hours on Kairi FM. Honourable Ministers Austrie, Timothy and others including Ambassador Vince Henderson have spoken and addressed these issues. Thereafter, he repeatedly called the radio show to participate and explain. We have done so for many weeks to the extent that some of our people are saying “but why must you keep responding. “Our response is that we have an obligation to respond”.15. Notwithstanding the fullest participation and response in recent weeks, there are still some, including some of our Christian Leaders, who seek to speak to sour grapes, cry foul and then say that this Government and its Prime Minister and Ministers have remained silent and must come clean. This cry may be the Freudian slip of a deeply rooted partisan view of those who are in and therefore ought instead to be in political power.‘Sour Grapes’????16. The fact is the badge of “Sour Grapes” was fully justified and its criticism by certain men of the cloth is wholly unfair and unchristian. It is premised on a failure to apply the basic principle of good christian thinking and teachings, which is never condemn your brother, sister or neighbor without a fair hearing. My God, it was the Almighty God who, even though he knew what Adam and Eve had done, gave them a hearing. [GENESIS 3 Verses 3 to 23, especially Verses 9 to 12].17. The Most Reverend Watty has not sought to ascertain the facts from the most authoritative source. My information is that he has made no inquiries of the Prime Minister or Foreign Affairs. Without lending a good Christian ear to our side, he has concluded the most evil and corrupt intention on the part of our Government; he has sought to condemn, and most disheartening, on completely baseless allegations and demand that the Prime Minister come clean. The tragedy of all of this is that Reverend Watty has done so in full face of the fact the Prime Minister and others have been speaking out regularly on these very issues. But this Shepherd of the Lord seems to have separated his flock into those he hears and these that he has not heard or will not hear, an assumption that is increasingly becoming factual when you consider his pontifications of the DLP on Marpin with Athie Martin. There is, in my view, sometime terribly wrong with this approach.18. Some general information on the ECP18.1 For the record the EC program has been in existence for more than 20 years – under the DFP, the UWP and now DLP;18.2 The program put millions into Jungle Bay and Garraway hotels;18.3 When Mrs. Wang, a friend of Lennox Linton, applied to be an authorized agent, she even named Lennox Linton himself as her local agent representative;18.4 Since 2000, the DLP has made the program tighter than it has ever been;18.5 Every person granted citizenship under the ECP is Gazetted;18.6 All applicants are subject to due diligence by Bishop’s, a company recommended by the British Government, a full interview by the Review Committee and the Financial Services Unit;18.7 The monies are paid into an account under the control of the Financial Secretary, and millions more go into the Treasury. These sums are line items in the annual financial estimates tabled before the Parliament;The Allegations and Lies19. The allegations and lies concern:19.1 Ibrahim Dawood;19.2 Karan Singh;19.3 Astaphan and Hamas and Hezbollah;19.4 Illegal printing of USA currency in Iran;19.5 Secret pact with Syria and Iran;19.6 40 Consulates Worldwide;19.7 Dominica and its Prime Minister selling positions and Diplomatic passports; and worse, to criminals and notorious persons;19.7.1 Badi and parallel passport program;19.7.2 Allegation against Isidore.19.8 Corallo;19.9 Wang Teng U, a Taiwanese Fugutive has a Dominican passport;19.10 Owner of Griffin Bank arrested in London;19.11 Home Office of the UK concerned about Dominica’s economic citizenship program and passports;19.12 The Royal snub!!The Facts20. Dawood20.1 If ever there was an allegation created in deep rooted mischief, it is this manufactured lie that Dawood has and travelled to the United Kingdom on a DA passport. This Dawood is a fugitive and on Interpol’s and the most wanted list of the Indian and UK Governments. Interpol has issued a special notice on Dawood. In that Notice, Interpol identified the 10 plus passports and aliases used by Dawood. No passport from Dominica was mentioned or identified.20.2 The Government of Dominica has received diplomatic notes from the Indian High Commission. However, not one of these diplomatic notes concerned Dawood or the possibility that he has or had a Dominican passport. But in view of the due diligence process conducted by Bishops, and the further fact that Interpol is one of the sources of information, it is fair to say that Fontaine has once again lied!20.3 Fontaine also alleged that Dawood travelled to the UK on a Dominican passport. But there are three (3) incontrovertible facts, which expose this lie as a dangerous hallucination of Fontaine. Firstly, there is no way a person wanted by Interpol could travel to the UK. Secondly, there was no mention of this at all in the British media and the British have said nothing to our Government. Thirdly, the Indian Times have reported that Dawood has been in Pakistan, hiding, for several years now. So the critical questions for Thomson Fontaine are: how did Dawood travel to the UK undetected by a Nation who has him on their most wanted list, and when did he do so? He may wish to inform the British21. Singh21.1 I never introduced Singh to Alick Lawrence.21.2 There was extensive due diligence done on Karan Singh by Bishops, a due diligence Firm recommended by the Americans.[Read from FSO Report]21.3 Fontaine also gave the impression that the Indian Government has sent diplomatic cables to the Government of Dominica about Singh’s criminality and fugitive status. However, it turns out that these cables concerned a request for assistance to service Singh documents in relation to a private divorce matter.22. Hamas and Hezbollah; Secret printing of currency and secret pact with Syria and Iran.22.1 All that I can say is that if anyone believes these allegations, they ought to be committed to Bird Island or a mental home.23. 40 Consulates23.1 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in every country has a list of all Ambassadors, Missions or Consulates. Some of these are published on the Internet by the respective Ministries.23.2 But this information is of no importance to the likes of Fontaine, Johnson, Martin or Linton. Instead, they search the Internet well knowing of the confusion between Dominica and the Dominican Republic, and found one Website DM Embassy This website is not an official diplomatic website. Its domain name was registered in the BVI. 23.3 This website is not an official embassy website, but worse, Fontaine and his cabal did not read the information posted on that site. Dominica terminated all ties with Taipei, Taiwan since 2004. Dominica has had no, I repeat no diplomatic ties with Taipei since 2004. Yet this site has a Dominica Consulate listed in Taipei.Embassy / High Commission / Consulate for Taiwan Office : EmbassyStreet Address : 6F, 9, Lane 62, Tienmu W. Rd.Postal Address :ZIP Code :111City : TaipeiState : TaipeiCountry : TaiwanTelephone : (+886) 28751357Facsimile : (+886) 28752661Email : Further, when you conduct a search for Taiwanese Consulates in Dominica you get this. At the top left hand corner is a picture of our flag!!Office EmbassyStreet Address : Ave. Abraham Lincoln, No.95-Esq. Ave. Jose Amado Soler SantoPostal Address : PO Box 4797 Santo DomingoZIP CodeCity : Santo DomingoState : Santo DomingoCountry : DominicaTelephone : (+21-809) 5625565Facsimile : (+21-809) 5634139Email : [email protected] : Despite this manifest error and additional fact that this website says that Dominica has a Consulate or Mission in Taipei; a complete impossibility in view of this Government’s unwavering support for the One China Policy, Fontaine, Gabriel, Lennox, Athie and Clayton are frothing from the mouth, saying that this is a credible website showing Dominica has 40 plus Consulates!!23.6 On the other hand, the Honourable Prime Minister is on record stating that Dominica has no Consulate in Mexico and has only (10) ten Consulates Worldwide. The Prime Minister also said that of the ten Consulates, two were Dominicans and three had Diplomatic Passports.23.7 There is another site which sets out Embassies and Consulates all over the world. This site will tell you that Dominica has no consulate in Mexico, and on a search for Dominica’s Embassies and Consulates, there are none in Mexico, and around 8 worldwide. The PM said 10. A far cry from the 40 Consulates dishonestly engineered by Fontaine It is the law that prominent persons, mostly from the business and professional circles, are appointed by countries as Honorary Consuls e.g. Genny, Dr. Grell, Robbie Tonge, Cilma Dupigny etc. (and Pat Ingles formerly). It is therefore normal to make such appointments even if contact between the various states is minimal. E.g. South Korea and Norway (verify these) have consuls here. But these consulates enjoy no diplomatic immunity or tax free status except perhaps in relation to their consular work. Therefore, it is absurd to suggest that persons want to be Honorary Consuls or part of a Consulate to avoid commercial tax liability or possible criminal prosecution. That is simply false. No such immunity exists for Consuls or Consulates.25. But in the past, some have seen or wanted the benefits of appointing Honorary Consuls who are not Dominican. I am told that the Great Gabriel Christian had himself recommended various persons to be appointed Honorary Counsels!!!26. Selling positions and passports to criminals and notorious personsLet’s look at the allegation of selling of positions and Diplomatic Passports to criminals and notorious persons.26.1 Under the United Nations Law and Conventions, a receiving State must agree to the Appointment of an Ambassador or Consul by issuing a “no objection”. This principle of international law is well known to Governments including this Government and Prime Minister. How then can it even be suggested that our Prime Minister, well knowing of the conventions and the law, could or would even contemplate selling a diplomatic passport or Mission to a notorious citizen or person of the receiving State. Such a suggestion is downright stupid.26.2 More importantly, how can a Prime Minister sell a passport? The only authority who can issue a passport is the Immigration Department at Police Headquarters. Since 2007, all Dominican Passports are computer generated. In other words, passports can no longer be issued by hand!! In addition, the security system to prevent fraud and arbitrary disposal of passports was designed and implanted by One Canadian Bank Note, a Canadian Company.26.3 Further, the procedure under the ECPO which sets out the rules and regulations make it clear what must be submittedto the Immigration Department in order to secure a passport. This is what the Regulations say:“Step Five: Procurement of PassportsPassports can only be issued after the applicant has been granted citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica, that is, after he/she is issued a Certificate of Naturalization under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Labour. The applicant/agent/promoter is entirely responsible for the securing of passports. No government officer or department is responsible for applying for passports for any individual. Passports can be procured by submitting the following to the Immigration Office, Police Headquarters, Roseau:i. Certificate of Naturalizationii. Certified copy of birth certificateiii. Completed passport application forms for each applicant along with Government Treasury receipt of EC$100.00 on Form “A” for adults or Form “B” for children (0-16 years). These forms must be submitted as issued by the Immigration Department. Reproduction or duplicates will not be accepted.iv. Two passport-size photographs – 2.5″ x 2″Fees for:1. Renewal of Passports – EC$100.002. Replacement of Lost Passports – EC$500.00 “26.4 Roosevelt Skerrit has no passport generating machine at his house, office or in his briefcase.27. More importantly, any allegation of the corrupt sale of passports must be grounded in facts and evidence. For example, where are the facts or evidence to show, I repeat show and necessarily capable of proving:27.1 the alleged date(s) of sales;27.2 the alleged vendors and purchases;27.3 the alleged price;27.4 the alleged witnesses;27.5 the alleged mode or method of payment;27.6 the alleged recipient of the money; and27.6.1 the alleged location of all this money.28. Sometime ago, Gabriel Christian wrote:‘Dear All:I have noted with concern the recent allegations over passport sales to terrorist. I do not know whether any terrorist has a Dominican passport. I stress here: One must be careful in making any allegation which has the potential to hurt our national reputation. One must never make any such allegation lightly. One must be possessed of the facts. However, with regard to the passport sales, these are the facts:1. It is a known fact that Dominica’s passports are on sale.2. The ads for passport sales are on line for all to see.3. The average Dominican does not know how much money has been earned in the program.4. There are overseas offices listed on line which deal in the sale of our birthright.5. The average Dominican does not know how many passport holders or “Cash and Carry Citizens” there are.6. There are even private citizens who are such agents.7. Since 911 we have not had a national discussion and/or reform of that program to address current concerns re terrrorism’;29. Despite the emotional, but baseless allegations, and the chameleon attempt to appear serious and genuine, Gabriel did not refer to or identify a single piece or iota of credible corroborative evidence capable of identifying, far less proving, the allegations he makes. Indeed, his points 2 to 6 are either misleading and/or absolutely false.2. The ads for passport sales are on line for all to see.The Government has no control over these sites and has repeatedly posted warnings on its website.Government’s warningThe Government is not responsible for these ads and has repeatedly warned against these false websites.Warning: Unauthorized Promoters of the Economic Citizenship ProgrammeThere are a number of companies and individuals who are not recognized by the Government of Dominica as promoters of the Economic Citizenship Programme but who are nevertheless advertising themselves on the internet as legitimate promoters.The websites used by them include:•• are warned against applying through such persons or organizations as they are not legitimate promoters.Only entities listed as Government approved Economic Citizenship Agents should be engaged to conduct business relating to Economic Citizenship.For more information contact:Financial Services Unit 5th Floor, Financial Centre, Kennedy Avenue, Roseau Tel: 266 3514 Fax: 440 0376 E-mail: [email protected] The average Dominican does not know how much money has been earned in the program.Every financial year there is a line item in the estimates laid before Parliament which sets out the revenue generated by the ECP.4. There are overseas offices listed on line which deal in the sale of our birthright.This is a bizarre allegation, and one rooted in dishonesty or blind ignorance. There are no authorized agents or overseas offices who sell or can sell passports. There is only one source of passports and passports can only be obtained after you have acquired citizenship.5. The average Dominican does not know how many passport holders or “Cash and Carry Citizens” there are.All ECP citizens are Gazetted.6. There are even private citizens who are such agentsMore cock and bull nonsense!30. I therefore say without fear of contradiction that despite the moral concerned or feinted outrage of some like Gabrial and the few in divine cloth, there have not been a shred, an iota, or grain of sand which even remotely resembles what is called evidence in the civilized world to warrant or justify these outrageous lies and allegations.31. Corallo31.1 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a public release. In that release, the Ministry said:31.1.1 The Ministry had preliminary discussions with the FAO;31.1.2 The Ministry of Interior in Italy gave its clearance;31.1.3 The Ministry is yet to hear from the FAO or Ministry of Italy.31.2 Further, press reports from Italy, and printed in English, on the Internet reported that Corallo was not arrested or under investigation, and that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not give its approval because of Corallo’s business interests. Nothing about criminal record, conduct or alleged associations was mentioned. 32. Wang Teng U and Taiwan32.1 The so-called patriots alleged that a fugitive from Taiwan had or was travelling on a Dominican Passport. They posted one article on the Internet where the word “Dominica” was used before the word passport.32.2 The word ‘Taiwan” led me to detect and smell another rat. I went on the Internet, and guess what!!! There are several articles, and reports, from Taiwan and the USA on the internet which it was reported:32.2.1 Wang had a passport from the Dominican Republic; and that 32.2.2 Because of the diplomatic relations between the Dominican Republic and Taipei, the Government of the Dominican Republic revoked Wang’s passport when en route on a jet to the USA, so when he landed in the USA he was essentially Stateless. Owner of Griffin Bank arrested in London33.1 This is another cock and bull story crafted to taint the name of Dominica. Antonov’s arrest has nothing to do with Griffin Bank although he may have some connection to the Griffon Bank. He was arrested on a warrant on the request of Lithuania in relation to a Bank in Lithuania called “Sonaras”.33.2 The same Antonov is the owner or major shareholder of numerous banks and other investments in the UK and Europe, and the English Portsmouth Football Club. But again this is all irrelevant to the terrorists against the truth. It matters not that Antonov was fully embraced by the British and Europe. It matters not that he had vast commercial interests in Europe; all that matters to Fontaine is that there is some connection to Dominica. And to this connection he graphs on words like: it is alleged…”, ‘it is reported…”, “has been accused…” In other words, no facts at all, just naked gossip. In the light of this vast commercial interest in the UK and Europe, Fontaine and the Cabalist single out Dominica as a haven for allegedly dishonest people. They forget also the many businessmen on Wall Street that are being arrested and jailed. Remember Madoff? Oddly, they do not blame Barrack Obama for that!! But if a Dominican commits murder or fraud in Moscow or New York, they will blame Skerrit, I mean, why the hell not!!33.4 But you need to read Fontaine’s article to appreciate the deep intellectual dishonesty:“Last year it was reported that the combined assets of the two banks were around USD $7 billion. Dimitrijus Apockinas who is the Managing Director of the bank in Dominica was recently quoted as saying “our success is confirmed by the fact that in March 2005 I sold the controlling stake in the bank (Griffin) to a strategic investor, who owns one of the leading banking groups in Eastern Europe.”Antonov who is Russian is also reported to have a huge stake in the West Indies Power Company (WIPC) whose CFO is Dimitrijus Apockinas. Last year, WIPC secured a license from the Dominican Government to engage in geothermal drilling on the island. The company has also been accused of paying bribes to the Dominican government in exchange for securing the license.As news on the arrest of Antonov and the nationalization of Snoras Bank spread, worried depositors of Banco Transatlanto scoured the web desparately to find any information on their deposits.Many complained that they have not been able to withdraw any of their money and others reported calling the Dominica telephone number only to receive a recording informing them that the Bank had closed. Several of those reporting on the popular Panamanian blog indicated that they no longer had online access to their deposits.Some of the worried customers wondered aloud if the Government of Dominica would do anything to guarantee their deposits. In response a blogger cynically noted: “How did you end up banking in a small nation of 70000 people where they sell passports over the counter, the entire core and system is built on corruption and on top of this with a unit owned by a Russian mobster who is just slightly over 35 years old.”Some commentators in England have criticized the Courts’ decision to grant bail to Antonov suggesting that he may use his other passports, including one possibly issued by the Dominican government to leave the country’ [Read article by Fontaine]AND Home Office Advisory by the British34.1 There is a blog website called William and Russell. It is specifically designed for British ex-patriots and British people who travel. It has absolutely nothing to do with politics.34.2 Fontaine posted or caused to be posted several of his scandalous lies on the blog site just above a notice by the Home Office of the UK. This notice provides very general information about Dominica. NOTE: The Advisory does not speak to Dominican passports or warn British citizens not to travel to Dominica.34.3 Unashamedly, Fontaine publishes an Article and says that the British are concerned about the ‘sale’ of Dominican passports. This notwithstanding, or in spite of, the fact that the Home Office itself said absolutely nothing about Dominica’s passports or any allegation concerning the alleged sale of passports. The only references to Dominica’s passports are in the articles posted by him.35. The alleged Royal Snub35.1. Thompson Fontaine posted an article ‘Royal snub for Dom…” He said so because Dominica is not on the Royal Visit for the Jubilee. But in the very last paragraph of this own twisted article he said this: ‘The shocking omission of Dominica, once a favorite of visiting Royals including the Queen herself is already leading to much speculation as to the reasons for the exclusion. So far there has been no word from the Royals as to why the country has been excluded.35.2 Let us try to understand the significance of Fontaine’s words: So far there has been no word from the Royals as to why the country has been excluded.35.3 These words mean that the British gave no reason, at least not yet. But despite this Fontaine jumps up and screams, without any inquiry of any Senior Ambassadors, Dr. Lennox Honeychurch or others, SNUB, DOMINICA HAS BEEN SNUBBED BECAUSE OF ALL THE RUBBISH THAT I HAVE POSTED ONLINE!! At one stage he said that MI5 has advised the Queen. Really? Aand not a single word from the Home Office or Foreign Affairs? It then struck me!! Thompson was the man in the bedroom that Sparrow sang about!!35.4 The announcement by the Royal House included these words:‘In addition, members of the Royal Family will travel overseas representing The Queen throughout the Diamond Jubilee year, visiting every Realm as well as undertaking visits to Commonwealth countries, Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories.’35.5 Dominica is part of the Commonwealth but is not part of the British Realm because we have never recognized the Queenas Head of State on or since Independence, and therefore we are not part of the Realm. I immediately emailed a dear friend of mine and one of the most prominent Ambassadors and persons in Caricom and the Commonwealth. This is what it said to me:‘Simple reason Tony. Dominica choose to become a Republic. It is not one of Her Majesty’s Realms in the Caribbean. This is not a Commonwealth Visit which Her Majesty would would undertake as Head of the Commonwealth. It is a Royal visit to Her Majesty’s Realms. Regards35.7 I asked for a further explanation. This is what I said:‘I understand but I saw Trinidad and Tobago on the list. This is why I asked.’35.8 This is the reply I got:They would be visiting Trinidad at the invitiation of that government. Not as a royal tour but in response to a direct invitation by the TT Government to the UK Government. The UK Government would have accepted that invitation and tied it into this trip because of UK big oil investments in TT. Regards36. This might be right because Guyana, which is a Republic, is not on the itinerary for the Royal; and neither are many other countries in the Commonwealth. Then there is this explanation “It is understood that the reason for Dominica’s exclusion is because the Commonwealth of Dominica is a Republic with its own Head of State. Queen Elizabeth II is not the Head of State of Dominica but she is the Head of State of all the other Member States of the OECS and Jamaica, Belize, the Bahamas, Barbados and the British Overseas Territories.Although a visit is being made to Trinidad and Tobago, that twin island became independent as part of the monarchial system. Domincia was the only Commonwealth Caribbean state to go directly into independence as a Republic.”37. Stephen Isidore37.1 If ever there was a plan to bleed a man and then electronically lynch him for his friendship with Skerrit its Stephen Isidore. The latest and most audacious attack is that he was allegedly huckstering a diplomatic passport for 2 million USD.37.2 I read the excerpt of the alleged email on some poster. The full open email has not yet been posted or published. For a start the language reads and sounds odd. Also, no person called Rene Arciga was ever considered or spoken about as a Diplomatic or Consul of any kind!! And whoever he is, he has no diplomatic passport. 37.3 The allegation is that this email was found in a computer used by Isidore. In or about December 2010 Gabriel Christian, by then a senior high ranking General of the Cabalists, wrote this on the Internet:‘In August, Mr. Isidore appeared at Mr. Emanuel’s office accompanied by Constable Benjamin and four other persons ostensibly to retrieve his personal property from the office. One of the four stole the firm’s computer previously used by Isidore and ran out of the office. Mr. Emanuel reported the incident to the police. He has never heard from them’.37.4 Of course this clear allegation raises the fundamental question of fact. If Isidore in fact stole his computer as alleged, which for the purposes of this paper is not admitted or denied, it means that the good Christian got his information from Mr. GON Emmanuel. And, importantly, if indeed Isidore stole the computer, where did this purported email to this one Rene Arciga come from, or was it manufactured, doctored or cut and paste again???37.5 Critically, and for the very first time, Mr Isidore promptly issued an, emphatic denial and has threatened legal proceedings against the perpertrators!!!Statement on behlaf of Stephen Isidore regarding alleged sale of diplomatic passportDecember 13, 2011 1 Comment “It has been brought to my attention that yesterday on the Lennox Linton Show, Between You and Me on Q95 Radio that Mr. Lennox Linton has said or read from an alleged email purportedly written by me on September 14th, 2004 to one Rene Arciga.This alleged email suggests that I offered or sought to offer and sell a diplomatic passport to the said Rene Arciga for the sum of Two Million United States Dollars. This is simply outrageous and downright mischievous.I state categorically that I never• Had any authority to sell or purported to sell any diplomatic passport on behalf of the Government of Dominica as alleged or at all;• Offered any person including the alleged Rene Arciga if ever he exist any diplomatic passport whether by sale or otherwise as alleged or at all;• Wrote whether by email or otherwise to any Rene Arciga offering any diplomatic passport as alleged or at all;• Suggested the sum of Two Million United States for the attainment of a diplomatic passport as alleged or at all; • None of my clients have ever been the recipient diplomatic status.In my view this is another chapter in the ongoing vicious and calculated campaign against me in view of the ongoing saga with GON Emmanuel and because of I having previously acted as a solicitor on behalf of the Honourable Prime Minister.I have therefore requested copies of the audio transcripts. If indeed the audio transcripts show that Mr. Lennox Linton said or read the alleged email as I have been informed, I will without hesitation institute legal proceedings immediately.Dated the 12th December 2011Stephen Isidore”37.6 I say to him go comrade go!!ANTHONY W ASTAPHAN,SCDated: December 17th, 2011 419 Views   one comment Share Sharecenter_img Tweet Sharing is caring! Sharelast_img