with the development of the Internet, more and more companies use the network to get huge benefits, because search engine marketing has become a mainstream marketing model in foreign enterprises. From a global perspective, the Internet to help companies, largely depends on the search engine to achieve. More and more enterprises in the United States and the United States to search and marketing related work to a new Department, called SEM, SearchEngineMarketin, is the search engine marketing department. Search technology is changing the two core sectors of the enterprise – the marketing department and the sales department. The marketing department can through the search engine can be more comprehensive and timely understanding of market dynamics, insight into customer needs, marketing more effective communication to potential customers; the sales department can directly acquire new customers and new orders more with search engines, change the traditional sales model, to achieve the dream of sitting indoors can business.

network marketing as a whole has the following characteristics:

1, the global

MarketThe connectivity of

network determines the transnational nature of network marketing, and the openness of the network determines the global market. In the past, any kind of marketing concept and marketing methods, are within a certain range to find the target customers. The network marketing is in a borderless, open, global scope to find the target customers. The wide area of the market, cultural differences, transaction security, price fluctuation, national demand, optional different value-added and online customer information not only to the value of cross regional network economy theory and network marketing theory, provides a broad space for development and endless research and bring the market global is more likely the more wide range of transactions, price and quality comparable. The stronger the comparability, the increasingly fierce market competition.

2, resource integration

in the process of network marketing, to integrate various resources, to integrate a variety of marketing tools and marketing methods; cross transport of tangible assets and intangible assets and cross integration extension. The complexity, diversity, inclusiveness, volatility and appreciation of this kind of integration have rich theoretical connotation. We need to work hard to make an intensive study.

in particular, marketing business software plays an important role in this multidimensional integration and plays an important role. In addition, the integration ability of non – type assets in the marketing practice and the value added effect after the integration of various resources and various means are also a major breakthrough and important development of the traditional marketing concept.

3, obvious economic

network marketing is fast, therefore, will greatly reduce operating costs. Improve enterprise profit. There are many reasons for the formation and promotion of network marketing economy:

Wide area

resources, regional differences in the price of the shortest connectivity on both sides of trade, market development costs dropped, intangible assets in the network.