mail order search

as shown in Figure 4, said the United States is the most developed country in the world order industry, you have no interest in going to see? Mail order search can help you quickly find the various catalogues of goods, whether it is a computer, books, clothes or food, as long as you are willing to, can be used to express the way to you, but unfortunately this search still can be used only in the United States territory, however, understand a commodity channel as our information, Why not??

more simple way to browse  


as shown in Figure 5, Google is the pioneer of the industry deserves to search, even search results browsing everywhere for the sake of users. This Google allows you to use their own definition of a time interval of a automatic scrolling view search results, it is like a media player, can return to the upper layer and the lower layer, also can adjust the scrolling speed, designed to be very humane.

special search


as shown in Figure 6, the so-called special search for the special requirements of users, it can reduce your search target, but currently only U.S.Government (US government), Linux, Apple Macintosh, BSD and Microsoft (four are operating system) provide a special search service, if you have this kind of need, try, on the top of the search results more comprehensive, more comprehensive.

wireless search

as shown in Figure 7, the Google family has always followed the trend of the times, now all kinds of equipment is very popular, Google offers a variety of digital private mobile device, including mobile phone, palmtop computer and other digital products Google search service site. You can view the network of such products in the operating instructions, performance, pictures, etc.. But to get wireless services also need to support wireless network information providers, the domestic service in this area has not yet opened.