is known to all, Baidu is always caring for their own things, such as Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia rankings are generally very pro. Engage in promotion of course, will not miss these can increase the quality of the chain and the flow of the place. If we go to Baidu before, ask a question, then can answer at the end of your own web site, and then over time to set it as the best answer. Now this method obviously does not work, do not ask ourselves from a, even if at the end of a link if you do not pay attention to method, also can easily be deleted, or cannot be approved.

1, now Baidu included Baidu know the standard, no longer appear as the best answer, but when it has the first answer, it will be included. In other words, if the need is outside the chain, then we have to do is not to the best answer to close (if it can be the best answer that is better), but try to grab the first floor. It is best to use advanced number to answer, answer the information to copy a little more up, and then add the URL in the reference.

2, in the case of IP does not change, can not be said, no doubt will be deleted.

3, more than the number of advanced culture, so that your questions and answers with links, the need to be audited will appear less. If you need to audit, then more conducive to the adoption of the audit. And the higher the series, the probability of being adopted as the best answer is relatively large.

4, pay attention to the user experience, try to answer the question, with a sincere attitude to help others to solve the problem, in the text, others will know your sincerity.

5, when asked, can bring to the site as much as possible, it is best to use a series of relatively high number of such operations.

6, Baidu know promotion, Yijing not learn, controlled, frequently change IP.

7, it is best to look for the promotion of Baidu do not know the QQ group, and others take turns to answer questions. For example, you mention in Baidu know to ask a question, ready to answer and need to insert the URL, the information will be sent to each other, and then let him help you answer. This turns into each one takes what he needs.

is more than Baidu know to promote the need to pay attention to some of the methods and techniques, the following is mainly about the Baidu family of Baidu encyclopedia. Baidu Zhao Benshan, Zhao Benshan ranked first Baidu encyclopedia, third Baidu video, fifth Baidu pictures, Baidu will have almost five family. So some people say that Baidu is Baidu internal search engine. This is no way, who let it occupy most of the search engine market, coupled with the recent speculation "Google left China" raise a Babel of criticism of the event, not Google, Baidu is the search engine market in uncle.


his uncle domineering, we borrowed his ambition to make some outside chain, Baidu encyclopedia is undoubtedly a good choice.

for Baidu encyclopedia entries, try to find a more popular, because