technology news June 7th afternoon news, investors have claimed that love investment fraud investors, with "love investment fraud investors with false mortgage financing fictional text scroll picture.

investors will love pictures sent to the official forum of investment confirmation, love investment through the forum chairman Zhao Chunxia said in response, "this thing is the borrower in overdue repayment default malicious trouble, some people find that social organizations deliberately, to allow us to continue to give him money, we have been handed over to the police, no worry, we are never afraid."

Zhao Chunxia also said that the company will immediately notice, please rest assured investors.

then, love investment official website "photography service chain added liquidity" project advance notice and compensatory Company solemn statement "announcement, announcement said the inspection after the loan process, find someone’s project business risk, such as broken capital chain, expects it could not repay the principal and interest, will be announced in advance the project was terminated in June 8, 2016.


announcement also said, "love and Investment Guarantee Agency decided to start the risk protection mechanism in the process of the enterprise is found to have a suspicion of illegal employment and social forces a black love investment, love investment legal department has been dealing with the police".


data show that the loan period of 12 months, the annual yield of 14%, the project is divided into two phases, each project financing 10 million, expire in December 16, 2016. Now love the official website has not been able to search for information on the project.

It is noted that

had previously stuck true love investment financing "whirlpool, and has been accused of pong godfather, the use of the emergency assistance of state-owned shares of foreign background false propaganda.

public information, online love investment financing platform belonging to an investment (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., an investment (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, registered capital of 50 million yuan. (Xu Li)

love investment official website statement:

"photography service chain added liquidity" project advance notice and solemn statement of

company compensation

love you, everyone!

[love guarantee] project photographic services chain supplement liquidity (phase I, two), the original plan will expire in December 16, 2016.

love the investment risk control department and underwriting the project financing Company limited by guarantee in Yunnan Taichang check after the loan process, found the business risk, capital chain rupture, is unable to repay the due principal and interest, at the same time the enterprise repayment will lower. Love investment and financing Company limited by guarantee Yunnan Taichang after consultation decided: to ensure the greatest degree of investor’s rights and interests, safeguard the safety of principal and interest of investors in June 8, 2016, the early termination of the project by the Yunnan Taichang financing Company limited by guarantee.