from the WeChat public registration number, greeting and quick reply setting, the choice of title and content overview, content creation, content review, content distribution, Content Archive seven methods to share WeChat medical public daily operation method.


two, the requirements of each link

1, public number registration

1.1 public number Chinese name to the hospital name, micro signals must be simple and easy to remember, the recommended length of not more than 7 letters (including digital), such as WeChat public number: jszx120

1.2 head and hospital LOGO consistent;

1.3 function to include the name of the hospital, the name of the main push disease, hospital contact; as follows:


2, welcome and shortcut settings

2.1 is consistent with the image of the Department;

can reflect the hospital 2.2 concise and to the point, the service concept;

2.3 add some emoticons, let the text active, with a little emotion;

2.4 shows online registration hyperlinks (links to the mobile phone online registration page);

2.5 quick setting includes the route to the hospital, the expert team, the hospital introduction, preferential activities, to the hospital route, etc.;

2.6 quick response to guide fans with letters or numbers to reply, more convenient and fast;

2.7 have intermediate segment blank lines, avoid welcome and guide the text together, the user can not see clearly;


3, title selection / overview

3.1 title (Theme) need to be readable, attractive, relevance, not too civilians, the scope of selection is as follows:

1) associated with disease;

2), the current hot topic,


3) information of interest (egoism or altruism);

4) entertainment information (constellation, test, jokes, hot topics);

(5) sense of information curiosity, gossip heart, heart, love chivalrous flood);

6) video information (case);

6) other titles (material) adopted by the supervisor.

3.2 header length is controlled within two lines;

Overview of

3.3 single text message needs to be guided and strong, not more than 50 Chinese characters;

3.4 should be flexible to use the following 6 headings;

1) super direct title (e.g. WeChat)