Fab founder and CEO Jansen · Paul

sina science and technology news Beijing time on June 19th evening news, the United States flash purchase site Fab on Tuesday announced that it has raised $150 million in the first phase of the D round of financing, making the company’s total financing reached $310 million.

, according to a spokesman for Fab Deborah · (Deborah Roth), said the company’s pre investment valuation of $1 billion. Fab also said that the financing is only part of the D round of financing, to complete the D round of financing for several months.

round of financing investment, including Chinese Tencent, Japan’s Itochu (Itochu), Anderson · Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz) and the Vc firm Atomico.

Fab founder and CEO Jansen · (Jason Goldberg) said in a blog, Tencent will bring millions of new users Fab. In the interview, Goldberg said the two companies are still discussing how to prove the significance of the strategic cooperation to the user.

absorb Tencent reason

Goldberg said that Tencent has become an attractive strategic investors, in addition to help us to enter the Chinese market products, more importantly, Tencent agreed to highlight the Fab brand.

Goldberg said: "there are many other companies want to invest in Fab, but most are conditional: want to highlight their brand, or the establishment of a joint venture company. We consider this undesirable."

informed sources said that Goldberg had contacted Alibaba to discuss investment matters. In this regard, Goldberg did not give confirmed, but there is no denying. He said: "I can say that we have come into contact with a wide variety of companies, many of which are binding, and we do not want to do so."

raises new questions

a new round of investment will lead to more speculation skeptical of Fab insiders: Fab has over financing, the company speed of rapid expansion, the profit rate is very low, and eventually will be eliminated on amazon.

Goldberg said: "these questions are very normal, I do not think the company is very successful. We know there’s a lot more to do. But we believe that the company’s strategy, I believe that through these investments will provide consumers with a better experience, to create a great new e-commerce brand."

Goldberg also said that when he was in the board of directors proposed overseas expansion plans, others are not very understanding. So, in order to Goldberger e-commerce company Zappos as an example.