original title: the wave of consumer upgrades brand restart


in the face of the outbreak of China’s middle class spending power, obsessed with figures and forms of marketing people need to get out of the wrong.

the discussion is not the consumption upgrade, from "basic necessities of life" to "simple change voluptuous". Whether it is "middle-class new species", or "new consumerism", the attempt to portray and portraits of new consumers and consumption behavior of words may not be appropriate and accurate.

experts and researchers are trying to interpret the changes in consumption structure and consumption patterns that are taking place in China as a sample of consumer upgrades in countries such as Europe, America and japan. In 2015, China’s per capita GDP of about $8016. Historically, when the per capita GDP5000 to $10000 during the period, the United States, Germany, Japan and other 7 developed countries per capita consumption growth was significantly higher than that of the upper stage, national consumption scale than the previous stage doubled.

during this period, the expansion of the scale of consumption, consumption structure has undergone substantial changes. Non durable consumer goods accounted for about to drop to 40%, durable consumer goods accounted for up to about 15%, health care, transportation, communication, leisure and cultural and educational services consumption accounted for more than 40%, for the first time more than non durable consumer goods has become the most important part of residents’ consumption.

China middle class consumption ability to form a violent outbreak.


example is running and fitness is becoming the new darling of consumers Chinese. The two things that need to be put into motion, but boring and time-consuming, have become the label of the middle class to distinguish themselves.

popular light luxury doctrine, with the endorsement of the middle class "idle rich connotation" sense of superiority and identity. In the same price range, meaning often better than the price can reflect the professional and taste. Connotation means the Vibram mark of the soles of the soles of the feet and the "organic" label on food packaging, also means the humanitarian spirit and universal values embodied in TOMS and Warby Parker. In contrast, BMW and luxury wine seem old-fashioned and vulgar.

on the one hand, it can ease the pressure of high prices and high tax distress under the middle class is the pursuit of luxury and lack of financial resources, on the other hand, it can help the middle class to find their own identity tags and values — better than ordinary people more than rich upstart products.

if you put a little farther away, we will find that China’s consumption upgrade in the context of global consumer upgrades. Germany’s vigorous industry 4, the United States in the ascendant share of the economy, the emergence of these new economic models are the upgrading of production and consumption. These new trends, with the Internet, TV and Hollywood, little red books and the consumer Chinese fusion "