today, "find your sister" apple App Store Chinese successful summit area free application list, if not because of "zombies" free for the first time limit, it may also advance the date of the summit, according to official sources, the release of the game soon has received tens of millions of users on micro-blog, everywhere in the world! You can see the users share their experience to find your sister, but in my office, my colleagues have long been immersed in "find your sister’s happiness.

limelight is really no two! So, looking for your sister why so hot?

some people say "find your sister" burst of red because it is a simple game playability, some people say that is the game style down to earth, others say that is because the game has a good name. But as a marketing person, I naturally want to do some interpretation from the marketing point of view, in my opinion, looking for your sister in the product design clever integration of social attributes is an important reason for its success.

first, find your sister in the product close to the user.

name since Needless to say, anyone who heard this game for the first time, the first note is the product name "from the popular language of network to find your sister", not only in name, the content is filled with a variety of popular language of network game in style is also very KUSO culture, whether it is "Fengjie", "father" or "brother Xinjiang nut cake" will make the game player feel warm, it can be said is joining the network popular culture, much closer to the game and the distance. This psychology is called "improve the close degree, close degree benefits can lead to greatly improve is the user’s emotional resonance, and once the emotional resonance, user had strong dynamic behavior, this behavior is the game to recommend to their friends. I observed the looking for your sister from the forum to micro-blog’s hot track, the players are actively spread through their own social relations chain, it is the hot source of the game.

secondly, find your sister in the game into the social attributes.

"to find a burst of red" your sister reminds me of last year have a similarly popular game "I guess you draw", can be said to "find your sister" with "I guess you draw" have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, both are very good in the game into the social attribute "to find your sister." the English name is "Find Something", and "I guess you draw" of the "Draw Something" is also very similar. In "I guess you draw", the user needs to play with friends together to find your sister, "in", users can also easily invite friends to PK, which makes many users eager to recommend to their friends game. In addition, a lot of achievements in the game also requires the user to share micro-blog game results in App or Store on the game to get the evaluation, obviously the effect on App Store in the number of user comments on "find your sister" close to one hundred and thirty thousand, to know the "zombies"