The Internet search engine

96% data cannot be accessed through the standard, most of them belong to useless information, but they have everything, money laundering, trafficking of children, bitcoin hallucinogens, hacker bounty……

this dialogue from the drama "house of cards". But cannot be found by search engines such as Google’s "underground world" exists in the real world, the "deep web" (Deep Web) can be found by search engines, and the "deep web" contained in the "dark web" (Dark Web) even if you know the website address, ordinary browsers can not browse.

"dark net" construction technology originated in the United States military institutions, in 1996 the United States Navy research laboratory scientists put forward a conception, in a system, any user anonymity in real time when connected to the Internet, and not to divulge the identity server. In this system, data protection password like an onion layers, so they will be referred to as "the onion network" (Tor The, Onion Router). Today, deep network has long been limited to the use of the U.S. military. Expert analysis, and now able to search the surface of the network (table) compared to the amount of information to be much more deep network.


: like the deep hidden in the depths of the iceberg

in the deep web, you will find a lot of people break through "the shocking content: piracy, hackers, drugs, weapons, bloody, violence, pornography, conspiracy theory, occupation thugs, and even terrorists. Some people say that the deep network is the Internet world of sin paradise, it was also said, deep network is the deepest human nature of the dark.

Australia reporter Eileen Ormsby began to pay attention to and the silk road tracking reports the dark net drug trade website "– the" Silk Road "hiding in the onion routing from a few years ago (The Onion Router), only accept bitcoin virtual currency, in order to avoid the bank and government supervision. Diablo inspired Eileen Ormsby’s interest in the dark world, since 2012, she was on the personal website All Things Vice and mainstream media on the dark world of observation. Today, we’ll listen to her.

this article from the All Things Vice, we all authorized to compile, the following is the text.

Diablo Taobao

we all know, you can buy and sell drugs on the dark, but the silk road is not the only platform in the deep network. Here are some things you might never have thought about:

needs to be renovated at home, with 1500 knives, you can buy yourself a reduced human skull. Genuine security, global package, to ensure low prices. The seller says he is an artist, making a smaller version of his head