from: Grassroots College 20128088
Theme: on the local forum to promote

local forum to promote simple, divided into online and offline two categories. Online means a lot, the line complex patterns.

I will take my last month to take the promotion method to talk about, mainly to talk about not feasible.

said the effect is not good:

QQ group promotion: search the relevant local QQ group and joined, want to mingle with the group of friends, friends come to the forum. But you have to know, these QQ group of friends are mostly based on a forum as a stronghold, and then gathered together, it is difficult to let people into the new environment. You can also think of, there are a few people will use QQ search service on the group, in addition to the webmaster. Of course, communication ability and communication time that people with relevant, as far as I am concerned, I don’t have too much time in the group to communicate with people, and then pull over.

mail promotion: the collection of more than N mail, and then sent out, are equal to throw the sea, and a reply is not, and no one from the exchange of members of the mail promotion. The reason is very simple, we use the mail frequency is not high enough, dead e-mail address too much.

Forum promotion: hair soft, do AD. Forum has just done, SEO is not optimized, you search keywords can not search your forum, had to put the link. To know the version independent station link, it is too fierce.

QQ chat room promotion: the original pretty good way, now do rotten. In addition to the chat room gathered most of the satyr, many of which are also ADQQ, a serious impact on the image.

street, flyer promotion: technician, sent to your legs tired, they took notes in the garbage, better take around, looking for a place to sit underground butt pad. Haha

links: bad reasons with QQ group.

signature promotion: a large and small local gateway to the Hong Kong Forum to support the signature, and does not limit whether the link. If you can actively participate in the discussion, let you see the light rate is large, but also the flow of this source is the source of my current station second.

District stickers promotion: This is the first source of my station, I just post my end of that district, there are many users. Don’t go from door to door door people, much ah. Stick on the door. How much paper fit? A4? That’s a big poster!!! We want low-cost operation, A4 cut two knives. What to write on paper, I think.

above are what I have done, I would like to say a lot, but there is no order, it may be more things to do today, ha.

yet try

although these did not try, but usually with the same part of the local forum