news January 4th, the end of the year, the network video industry ushered in the new investment, acquisitions, and competition in the climax. 28, PPTV, CNTV, two private and national team representatives, have for the subject domain, behind the network television industry, enough to see the market has become more mature and stable, consumer behavior has been formed, and will usher in a new blowout in 2010.

In addition to this, the Zhejiang radio and television, Shanghai SMG, Hunan radio and television has also recently said they have set foot in the field of network TV or news video

. Analysis of the industry, in 2010, the video industry is concerned, is undoubtedly open country first year. Between the national team and the private team will be co opetition development trend.

It is reported that

PPTV, the new LOGO logo is to interact through the network for a month to collect, domain name and LOGO elements, also confirmed from the side of the new PPTV brand positioning and ambition, namely P2P streaming media technology under the support of the first network television new media brand.

PPTV spokesman Chen Zhong said: the national team into the Internet TV industry is a good thing, the future of the industry will also be more inclusive development, standardization, scale, as a user oriented network television new media brand, in 2010 the new version of the platform will have a big movement in the field of high-definition video, interactive user.


PPTV HD theater beta exposure map

according to internal sources, in the PPTV beta version of HD theater, film and television content is according to the action, drama, horror, war, disaster, youth, comedy, fantasy, science fiction, animation, and other types of crime, love to be divided, can be expected in 2010 will continue to maintain PPTV in addition to television, various events broadcast advantages, investment will also increase in high-definition video content, this is also its recent financing more than a billion, experience optimization, content optimization and other related plans, but also to meet the needs of advertisers publishing platform itself to new media advertising.

          according to industry sources, domain name in November 2009 through the domestic famous website trading platform – Admin5 Adsense network to 1 million 800 thousand yuan price transaction success.

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