(June 18th) it is reported that 7 U.S. News, June 16th morning, China domain name investors in the world famous domain name investment community DNForum Post said, the three overseas domain domain secured transactions are forced to withdraw, the loss of more than one million yuan.

it is understood that the stolen domain name holders in March 2010 through the Escrow.com domain name secured transaction website purchased BQ.COM, Ycw.com, Usd.net three domain names, the value is not cheap. Whois domain name information display, bq.com domain name status has been modified to prohibit the transfer and modification.


domain name holder to VeriSign VERISIGN (main business VeriSign management world 13 root servers in 2 Taiwan (A and J), the top-level domain name in.Com and.Net) letter, claiming the ID card information and E-mail stolen, stolen and stolen the domain name to sell, retrieve the three letter required VeriSign domain name.

According to a detailed understanding of

ICANN, said this is the domain name theft stealing and selling behavior, will the three domain compulsory transfer out of the Hanson China buyers account. According to the published price information, only the BQ.COM domain name resulted in the loss of 1 million 300 thousand yuan of Chinese domain name holders, together with YCW.COM, USD.NET domain name, the loss of the investor has more than a few million yuan.

currently, three stolen domain has been forced to recover. Insiders said that not all of the overseas domain name transactions are guaranteed, with the influx of Chinese buyers, there are bound to be more cases of domain name dispute. At present, it is unclear whether the domain name stolen sale is true.