At the end of

, say Web2.0 left some traces of the era, is also recently on Web2.0 work and study some conclusions and prospects, also want to communicate more and Web2.0 enthusiasts and share:

1, website Alpha version and Beta version

alpha and beta version of the first edition is to be used in the software industry, is used to describe software released two main stages before experience: the internal test (Alpha version), public test (Beta), has also started in the popular Web2.0, also have a website used to express n.0 later, may find it difficult to have a normal version of the existence, always in continuous improvement and revision, there will never be a formal version of the existence, so we gradually recognized and accepted the website Beta version of this form and statement. But Beta of the title for people of non internet circle or IT ring, or some confused, know a website should hang a Beta is what meaning, from here the mom is doing a good job, the intelligent use of Beta Chinese meaning — "beta" to express. As this station commendable attention to detail,


can also be seen from the above, the site is actually a special "software", each site software includes a variety of services and products, as well as to meet the needs of different audiences.

2, website blackboard newspaper

"blackboard" the title should be very Chinese of, but in the Google will be used before it China version of the service and the network blog, the word seems to touch on what side, I think if it is not Google first used it, for others, there must be many people say N the "blackboard" this word is very old-fashioned, ha ha, or Google powerful, can be a very common word into magic, and give a new meaning of the Internet era, but also very appropriate, 8


the way, is it really Chinese to foreign companies, to become so open, dare to show their creative


3, the site’s 400 and 800 phone

800 phone: how to play free

400 phone: how to play by city billing billing

In fact, the

business and website is not related, but has recently been and promotion of these telephone service company contact more (mainly selling phone, ^_^), found that the site is easier to accept 400 and 800 phone campaign, can be said to be relatively soft ears, perhaps too much attention to the customer experience and value, so this kind of phone sales business of the company, will be the preferred network company to start, but I think: the importance of customer value and experience is important, but the site did not profit before, so there is no need for the leader! Perhaps this is because people generally – > circle website