news website BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti recently released an article said, BuzzFeed’s goal is to be able to defeat all the traditional news agency new media platform.

The article first reviews the

BuzzFeed founded five years of development, Peretti said, the August BuzzFeed independent access to the user with a record of 85 million, compared with a year ago, an increase of 3 times, 8 times more than two years ago. The number of pages recorded so far in 2013, over the past 5 years, will be one of the largest in the world next year.

In addition, Peretti said that the number of employees reached 300 BuzzFeed company, and has begun to achieve profitability, thanks to the site’s advertising plan

. Last year, Peretti said the site has 265 advertising projects, the scale of the future to continue to expand by 3 times.

is now trying to cut news coverage, but BuzzFeed plans to continue to hire more journalists and editors. Peretti said that BuzzFeed wants to hire the world’s best reporters and editors, and we continue to expand the coverage of the news, the establishment of a large-scale survey team at the bottom, to provide readers with the news.

Peretti also cited a number of BuzzFeed, will not do things, such as not to build TV channels, not to build an OEM website, will not enter the traditional print media industry.

BuzzFeed will become a component of the news investigation company, remains to be seen, but Peretti had founded a media company "Huffington post" (The Huffington Post), when the beginning of the "Huffington post" by other media companies to make fun of, but finally he was at a price of $315 million was acquired. And won the Pulitzer prize.

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