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                ICANN announces new top-level domain name application list for apple, Google, etc. in column

                ICANN announces new top-level domain name application list Jingdong Sohu in column

                ICANN announced a new top-level domain for a list of sina Tencent.Weibo

                ICANN exposure new top-level domain name application list of Chinese institutions accounted for 4.5% 

                new domain name application list 1930 of the world’s 500 will be the first approved

.Com/.net/.org this is a series of people familiar with the suffix, but have not thought about one day, when landing the industrial and Commercial Bank of China do not need to enter the instead of hitting the you can easily complete the jump? Perhaps this day is not far away from you.

regardless of opposition to ICANN to restart the top-level domain name application

internet name and digital address allocation Agency (ICANN) had not care about the industry and legal institutions concerned, the decision in January 12th this year to accept the new domain name application. At the same time ICANN for each top-level domain name for $185 thousand, in addition to the registered enterprises also need to pay a $25 thousand annual fee management fees.

the application, it is allowed to apply in the domain name contains Chinese and other non Latin characters, such as CITIC Group to apply for CITIC, CNNIC application. Of course, in order to avoid legal risks, ICANN has promised that the domain name will be promptly revoked trademark infringement.

it is understood that this morning (June 14th) ICANN officially announced the new global top-level domain name list, before the deadline, received a total of 1930 new top-level domain name application, of which the United States topped the application number reached 884 copies.

after the.Com era of the Internet giant enclosure feast