recently, reporters from insiders get news, Sequoia Capital Fund Chinese domestic maternal and child market leading brands at the same time with the cast of October mummy, and capital bega. This news has been confirmed by the chairman Zhao Pu October mummy, but the specific amount has not been disclosed.

China’s children’s consumer goods market is currently large, fast, scattered, up the status quo. 2009 Chinese children’s consumer goods market volume of 165 billion 300 million yuan, about $200 billion in 2010. The market is in a period of rapid growth, the compound annual growth rate of 22.3%, higher than GDP more than two times. Among them, the largest children’s clothing company Dr. frog only accounted for less than 5% of the high-end market share, the market structure of the industry has not yet stabilized. The industry is in the process of a consumer upgrade, consumer branding is the biggest sign of upgrading.

industry analysts believe that the brand is the market structure of the industry operators to protect, but also the consumer product quality assurance, quality assurance, security and fashion security. The current market situation and internal laws determine the leading brand of Chinese children’s consumer goods market, is the most important subject matter of capital. The injection of Sequoia Capital, and the goal is maternal emerging market through this brand and the company cut the coveted huge domestic and.

data show that Shanghai is pregnant Ltd. October mummy’s sub brand, after ten years of operation, has become the first domestic sales of 100 million yuan maternity brand, network throughout the country more than and 30 provinces, covering all major department stores.

in the past two or three years, there have been dozens of investment companies expressed investment intentions. In the end, the success of Sequoia Capital investment." In Zhao Pu, "first, October mummy brand high-end market positioning and high-end brand image to win the favor of Sequoia Capital; followed by October mummy brand name and the connotation of scalability and can be extended to win the favor of Sequoia Capital; again is the October mummy brand market leading position to win the favor of Sequoia capital".

actually, in the maternal industry, leading brands have been eyeing the private market of all capital, such as Lenovo investment capital and DCM capital Crespo card clothing enterprises green box.