website has been to provide users with a single network recruitment service, as a kind of product, the recruitment network can meet some of the needs of users or meet the needs of some users, but because of the diversity of the market needs of the users, only relying on a single product line is unable to adapt to the user, this has also become one of the reasons of the excellence and Zhaopin loss. We as a composite product line has a full range of recruitment agency (only intermediary, rather than human resource provider), how to use the composite product line to meet most of the needs of most users, will become an important issue of survival and development, and in this context, the function of the website is to provide support to the provide a single product service for a full range of services, by providing products and data analysis of deep mining customer needs, and then to recommend appropriate products, in order to achieve the purpose of profit!

but we don’t have the ability to do so for the present situation. First, we need to understand the needs of individual users is not in place, the individual user data is not effectively finishing, there is no development and utilization. Because of the demand of individual users understand is not in place, resulting in our site to provide effective services, also led to the slow growth of the website! Second, we demand for enterprise users understanding is not in place, unable to adapt to provide products for their service, can not meet the users under the condition of leading enterprise users slow growth, even the loss of customers. Therefore, an in-depth understanding of user needs, and the establishment of a suitable website and information processing system, will become the core competitiveness of our future.

a, for individual users

must be made by the customer service department, the new registered users or current resume refresh users staged telephone follow-up visit, to ensure the correct understanding of user needs, and according to the corresponding rules for the user intention of industry function post treatment manual classification, and the evaluation of customer service users, high-end talent reserve to Headhunting, low-end talents to recommend newspapers, recruitment or training products! For the average user, by optimizing the website, enhance the transmission of information, establish personalized interface, to meet their needs, enhance the viscosity.

two, enterprise users

must have the effect on the current customer service department visits all enterprise users, dig the needs of enterprises, the number of posts, figuring out the enterprise currently functions of recruitment requirements, the requirements of the industry, and the classification of business needs, need real positions are recommended on the website, not only need to recruit or reserve by post after that, through the network can not meet the recruitment needs were recommended to the personnel outsourcing sector recruitment, executive search and recruitment agency department, newspaper.

three, site positioning and main functions

1, to provide zero friction network recruitment intermediary services

post list shows sort

has the current recruitment needs of the well-known enterprises in the recruitment of priority display push