became famous in the viral video, is a carrier of information dissemination and the most abundant expression of the strongest impact.

video marketing is the quality of the spread of precision.

spectators see the video after the first interest and attention, and then by the attention to share, while the object is transmitted as he is bound to have characteristics, interests, the process of this series is in the target population in the dissemination of accurate.

so what kind of video content to attract users spontaneous, active communication?

from the point of view of the Internet, classic, interesting, easy to get their most spontaneous video, active communication.

We first use

to look at a few viral video communication successfully build Internet personal brand case.

1, dodolook

dodolook, born in 1984, real name Zhao Feiyun, English name Fei yun. Born in Chinese, a native of Guangxi Guilin, is one of the famous Chinese Internet geek. She has a lovely face and sweet voice, more important is the film she produced is very creative, the type is quite extensive, from parody, funny, creative, pure self life diary has everything, love. The production of a large number of creative self timer video, the total amount of nearly ten million hits.

2, teach beast (Beast)

is now well-known director and screenwriter, he is one of the 07 to 09 year, the original is the most popular online video industry Chinese celebrities, long entrenched in the top five, his spoof video become fashionable for a time, quite well-known among young people, all the works will be developed into a Kuso Art mention a hitherto unknown peak. The number of his works is not much, but the average amount of hits (only potatoes) up to about one million. His early spoof game based, has begun to dabble, no spoof, into a new realm.

3, Cang Tian Ge

Cang Tian Ge, Sichuan Chengdu people, 2008 year Chinese, World of Warcraft’s most popular spoof video creators of network reds, claiming to be "high-end occupation game player", referred to as "high play"; for "World of Warcraft" in the hardcore spoof of the king, has repeatedly and easy dog cooperation to make a "World of Warcraft" instructional videos. Because of the video by "World of Warcraft" and the game player are pursued, millions of hits, "World of Warcraft" and the game player will he and three others are known as the "World of Warcraft" "four kings", secondly, there are many game video spoof from his hand.

4, creative video job

a cartoon professional college students, the production of the characteristics of the job video, the video was reproduced by many video sites recommended, and the major portals, television stations competing coverage. In the video, the job seekers start from their own interests and hobbies