was born, with the posture on sweep away the millions of enemy troops China Telecom, mobile, China Unicom three operators SMS and voice function of the market, since China Mobile is free speech, a clear-cut stand against WeChat chat, because this is not WeChat’s Fetion root and look like rivals, China Unicom has transparent, hand in hand WeChat launched WeChat voka".

China Telecom for WeChat’s attitude has not been clear before this attitude, and the launch of the easy letter attitude has been clear. Now in the OTT market, "Three Kingdoms" is being staged, WeChat is now occupied more than Jiangshan Wei, Fetion is occupied Jiangdong six county Wu Guo, easecredit is like striking shu.

easy letter, is a China Telecom and NetEase jointly build IM tools. Easy letter set voice, SMS, video messaging and other functions in one, in addition to supporting video calls, multi-party conference call, network storage and other functions, and can be used in the PC. In the search network editor, easy letter and essential difference between WeChat, but there are also differences in some sort of. Easy letter telecommunications and NetEase joint venture products based on the Internet and it has communication function, for example: through easecredit free SMS, voice chat can also have a mobile phone and fixed phone, mail list based on the circle of friends, but excluding the shake functions.

as the saying goes, there are differences in innovation will have a market, attractive. Easecredit is in their most unique function to challenge WeChat mighty position. Easy letter can send messages to each other, and can not be installed and easy to send text messages to users, so, just like WeChat had to snatch the IM market, the letter is also doing the same thing.

When WeChat

fall, continue to subvert the app application, communication market, on the sidelines of the competition rather than self injury to also want to stroke the light of day, so there is a easecredit change. Instead of being subverted, ravaged, as their own to change.

, however, the life of the application of products are now heavy social, light communication, with the function of social entertainment on the popularity, with the popularity of the market. Easy letter is characterized by heavy communication, light social, so contrary, easy letter may also be a little more social.

When the channel launched easecredit

wing, has announced the goal: six months of registered users billions of dollars. Of course, if it is to achieve this ambitious goal, so easy to believe when can really challenge WeChat unshakable position, as a spectator, users would certainly like to see this kind of competition, is also happy to see such a similar Challenger appears to challenge WeChat, for innovation, change to the competition, the user can enjoy better application service.

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