: network marketing system concept plan

2014, Alibaba, Jingdong, unfamiliar street, cheetah and other Internet companies have listed, financing $100 billion, the Internet marketing tide swept the world once again. Premier Li Keqiang put forward the "Internet plus" program in NPC and CPPCC, is the development of the Internet China to a new stage, more and more industries in order to adapt to the development trend of the times, has gradually shifted from the traditional market network market marketing from traditional marketing to network marketing. Many enterprises have carried out network marketing, network marketing talent demand has shown explosive growth, e-commerce and website operation direction of talents a monthly salary of over 10000, network marketing manager annual salary of 200 thousand yuan


China’s colleges and universities do not have network marketing professional, similar to the electronic commerce professional college students due to the lack of practical experience in network marketing, can not meet the needs of the post. Whether this year’s graduates or in-service staff, want to engage in network marketing this is a money scene career, choose the training institutions to learn is undoubtedly one of the most efficient way to improve their own. After a short period of basic training of college students can get about seven thousand yuan monthly salary, while improving the starting salary in the workplace, but also greatly enhance their professional competitiveness.

the current social network marketing training institutions, if the students of these institutions do not know enough, improper selection, not only the loss of the tuition fees and costs, will also affect their learning effect and occupation development speed. The author is engaged in the network marketing industry management positions for many years, through feedback of a number of training institutions to investigate as well as many industry veteran, summed up the new choice of network marketing training when the common mistakes and correct method, to the maximum extent to help prepare the new hand this occupation to make the right choice!

novice network marketing training institutions to choose the four major errors:

1, hope that the package employment, buy assured

students choose training are hoping to get a high paying job, many unscrupulous agencies use this point do not conform to the rules of learning a whoop and a holler "false promises of employment". Even promised to write into the contract salary is very low, and after the dispute activist difficulties. The training of lecturers to teach knowledge and experience learning is a process of learning and personal absorption interact, if not to guide the students to self effort and sense of competition, let the students have a psychological dependence, even if graduates get a job, in the face of changing market competition pressure and network marketing, sooner or later will be eliminated.

2, superstition a kind of network marketing mode

a lot of novice network marketing will come into contact with SEO, that SEO is all of the network marketing, has been using the idea of personal webmaster to do promotion, research, such as Baidu passive flow algorithm. After several years of WeChat fire, and superstition micro business can subvert everything, everywhere seeking a variety of powder up skills. Network marketing is a lot of modules, the relative knowledge of the system, any successful network marketing cases have the following