this is undoubtedly a sad story, but fortunately this article wrote Matt Munson entrepreneurial road is not the problem he faced down.

this article, he spent $10 million after the lessons learned, he was very honest in the text to share. Some of the questions are personalized – what kind of sales model do you want to choose and how to determine your hiring rate?……

but there are many problems in common, such as how to deal with different roles in the company team; like to do scale well pattern calculation and infrastructure; for instance you need to learn to face the temptation to say "no"; also like you should as soon as possible reason of calculation on the comprehensive corporate expenses, so as to be able to this is not good time before the brakes……

many times, people make mistakes, not because they do not understand, but because they think they will be different".

frankly, the world does not have any experience and lessons can be panacea, hope his story can by sharing his detours, so you don’t have to repeat it. I wish you all the best entrepreneurial path. Below, Enjoy:

we always talk about the importance of speed in startups. But in fact, the pursuit of speed is dangerous, it may not be the standard solution to all problems. In the past 12 months, we have learned this lesson at a very painful price.

therefore, we have made great changes to our schedule. I wrote this article in the original intention, is to share our lessons publicly, hoping to take this opportunity to other entrepreneurial team, to avoid the same predicament as we do.

for the Twenty20 company, we may be able to slow down and build a better world at the right time.

in February this year, my company Twenty20 employs 35 employees, we plan to expand the team to the end of the year to 85 people. In July, our team rose to 55 people, it seems that we are moving in the right direction.

but four months later, our team size is 12.

is contrary to the usual perception, although we streamlined the staff, but the company’s revenue is growing at a rate of two times the rapid growth of


don’t be nervous, it’s not an article about how good we are and how good we are.

yes, of course I think Twenty20 is a great team. But today I want to talk about how much we are ashamed of the waste of time and money, and what mistakes I made, and hurt those people?

I learned it in a very difficult way