I do a little experience in the promotion of software, half a million downloads of software

recently in the promotion of 8UFTP client tools, by the way a little bit of software to promote the experience, for your reference.

I was divided into the following steps to operate

first I to download software stand up publishing software, such as the sky, extraordinary, Hua Jun software park, Dortmund Software Park, IT168 download software, download software to submit 8UFTP Silicon Valley power station. Now these sites are required to register, the Chinese Army software park also need to invite code to register. After the registration of the release, the general free of charge will be the first audit, the Chinese army and extraordinary general time to fast.

next, I went to a number of boutique software publishing forum to release the 8UFTP software, such as the home of the system, the depth of software, TT86 software boutique station, vision forum. These are very well-known sites, traffic is very large, and sometimes the amount of downloads are greater than the software download station. Note that the TT86 will have to register to post after a period of time to release the software.

and then use Baidu to do some work, I built the Baidu encyclopedia in 8UFTP information, while adding a 8UFTP in FTP introduction. Download the address is not added, ready to add a week later, this is conducive to the adoption of wikipedia.

Baidu Sina weight is relatively high, I downloaded the first channel in the Sina Technology to send messages to the administrator of the 8UFTP software, and upload data to Sina information. Baidu library can not upload software, otherwise it is a good use of the platform.

at the same time I am in the Baidu post bar, Baidu know and answer questions in the world to answer questions about FTP, incidentally mentioned 8UFTP. These are conducive to the popularity of 8UFTP publicity.

finally I posted on the relevant web site on the 8UFTP news, highlighting the characteristics of it, free, the smallest species, support for multi-threaded upload, while online decompression. Perhaps the first free FTP tools, software released to the Internet after the transfer of a large amount of special, so that we will increase the amount of software downloads.

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