(Translation: hunting cloud network reported on March 24th: bamboo)


hunting cloud network: a new trend of enterprise is on the rise: such as Synack and a number of start-up companies are helping companies will check the security vulnerabilities to the global outsourcing giant "hacker". The company serves as a bridge role, not only help companies reduce the maintenance costs, the use of security Crowdsourcing hacker huge resources; at the same time let those with hacker spirit in helping more than earn good returns.

Shashank Kumar from the beginning of the seven grade computer hacking technology. At first, he liked to go to the site and play a trick on the site – although he now regrets it. Later, he found that you can make money by submitting a website vulnerability report. On his official Twitter, @cyberboyIndia, he said he had earned $30 thousand in "vulnerability Award", which is worth a lot of money at college.


value of the final exam these days, the 19 year old youth should be rote. But for many nights, he found himself waking up late, leaving his laptop to roar, looking for software vulnerabilities such as YAHOO, PayPal, AT&, and T, run by big companies. On the Twitter, Shashank counted a reward for a vulnerability report: from a free hat to a new smartphone to a $1500 check. Although earned money, but for his academic performance, this is a fatal blow.

currently, there is a larger trend is sweeping the network security industry, Shashank is a representative of this trend. Not long ago, Google announced that they are improving their vulnerability reward program (known as the Pwnium hacking contest) rules. Google canceled a fixed annual, impressive $2 million 700 thousand cash reward; now, the project will be operational throughout the year, the prize pool rose to infinity. Although Google wisely retains the right to cancel the project at any time, but in a sense, in this project, money flows forever.

Google has expanded the prize pool, unlimited funds reached

if Google wants to maintain its competitiveness, this is unlikely to happen. In the past, the vulnerability reward program is a job that doesn’t have a formal reward, a thank-you note, an online bulletin, a free T-shirt, or a few hundred dollars, which is the reward for the vulnerability reward program. In the past 5 years, however, they have become surprisingly business opportunities – almost all of the major technology companies have one such sector, and continue to expand the scale of the funds invested more than ever.

focus is that such as Crowdcurity, Bugcrowd, Synack and HackerOne emerging network companies, they rise, all walks of life can be released from >