website promotion is a hot topic will never fade, whether it is an enterprise, or personal webmaster are very concerned about the site promotion, are very fancy promotion, promotion effect, etc.. In fact, the promotion of online methods introduced a lot, but many still need to rely on the owners to practice, to sum up, to become their own wealth. I write this article is mainly for the promotion of the third party blog, this promotion way I believe that many webmaster are in use, and are using blog group in the promotion of the way. Here is a small Wu to give you a brief introduction of these third independent blog promotion methods.

a, determine the weight of the blog

many webmaster may use third party independent blog, of course, the author is not excluded. We now know that the more well-known third party blog Sina blog, Baidu space, NetEase blog, blog, blog and so on, this blog is not a lot, but we should not hesitate to use uniform, in fact, we need to carry out data analysis of the third party blog, to see what the high weight, what are the ranking stability, which included the effect of fast, of course we can pre build a blog in the high weight of the blog, and then a month later we see how they compare their effects, and then some corresponding abandon, finally focus on the promotion of several good blog updates.

two, the optimization of the third party blog

from the first step, we should have a few good hands of the third party blog, then we need to do is to the blog for the corresponding optimization, adhere to update, maintain and build the high weight of the third party blog. To lay the foundation for their own website promotion.

we need to pay attention here is that we can link between these blogs, and each blog points to the promotion site. Increase the weight of the main station, this can not be ignored, the effect is fine, after I test.

many webmaster may have heard many webmaster have been sealed in the third party blog, so we need in the management of the third party blog advertising, nature can not be too obvious, the anchor text and link to don’t carry too much. Be careful to sail the ship for thousands of years. I hope you can pay attention to this.

three, I burn the use of network tools

some time ago heard I burn nets this site, I recently officially used, I burn nets is a good site, can be synchronized to different blogs together, as long as the blog support RSS, this will undoubtedly reduce the workload of the webmaster, do not need to interact to the third party blog. But also to bring the third party blog traffic, this is undoubtedly in the promotion of our own website, the author is updated every day in the third party blog, then I burned the network synchronization blog, I blog every third party synchronization to I burn nets, so as to increase the chain but also to > our website