Ministry of Commerce and information technology division responsible for the recent Taobao mall new event said in an interview, the Ministry of Commerce attaches attention to this event, has asked the authorities concerned from price stability and support Small and micro businesses highly properly handle and report in a timely manner.

said the person in charge, I hope Taobao mall fully listen to the views of all parties to take positive action to respond to the relevant businesses, especially small businesses reasonable requirements. He also stressed that the relevant enterprises and individuals must express their demands through legal channels.


Taobao mall significantly raise the service fee of 7000 small sellers siege big seller

fuse is the event from the October 10th Taobao mall officially opened the new regulations, which has also been confirmed Taobao mall own. In accordance with the new regulations, the service fee is increased from the original 6000 yuan per year of service fee to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two files, then Taobao mall said that, if the business to be able to assess through sales and customer service will be split, part or full refund of fees.

Taobao mall greatly improve the service fee and deposit should be said has provoked fierce opposition some small sellers, they passed a big seller malicious purchase etc. on Taobao Mall for a collective attack to vent their dissatisfaction.

[Taobao new regulations]:

Taobao mall officially released in October 10th. The provisions of the "traditional tonic / other supplements" and "brand" technical service rates will rise from 2% to 3%; secondly, the annual service fees rose to 30 thousand and 6 tons of files from 6000 yuan, annual turnover of more than 600 thousand, and the dynamic score more than 4.6, is the return of part of the cost threshold; third, additional margin, 10 thousand from the lowest to the highest 150 thousand, divided into 10 thousand, 50 thousand, 100 thousand, 15. Four million.


bond, brand flagship store: 100 thousand yuan with mark TM, all 50 thousand yuan R trademark; franchise stores: 150 thousand yuan with mark TM, all 100 thousand yuan R trademarks; special category, type of store flagship store, the margin is 150 thousand yuan; management of unregistered trademarks in China China imported goods stores, the margin is 150 thousand yuan; "the book / magazine / newspaper", "music / video / audio / Star" and "show / discount coupons to idle away in seeking pleasure" category brand attributes and no store type, so the deposit fee: 50 thousand yuan flagship stores, franchise stores 100 thousand yuan; "online games and QQ", "communication" and calls "tourism" categories of the deposit of 10 thousand yuan.

In addition to

, Taobao mall to the "zero tolerance of fake smuggled goods". If the merchant once sold fake and smuggled goods, will be immediately closed shop, and deduct all liability for breach of contract margin. At the same time consumers will get a false one compensate five compensation.

[both sides deadlocked]: